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Assalamualaikum everyone

How are you all?

I hope everyone is very good and fit by the grace of Allah.

I'm fine too, Alhamdulillah.

It's me @Sumi_kaisar once again come with another new post.

Today I will talk to you about a very popular vegetable that is Capsicum.

This capsicum is a very popular food. This capsicum is used in most of the recipes.

So let's get started,

The name of this vegetable is capsicum and many people also call it sweet pepper. This sweet pepper or capsicum is a very, very popular vegetable almost all over the world.

Although it is a foreign vegetable, its popularity is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. The size and shape of this sweet pepper are very different. It is not like ordinary pepper. Usually the fruit of this pepper is round and its skin is thick. Sweet Pepper Our native friends, although we know that this sweet pepper is not a common vegetable in our country, but you will be happy to know that the cultivation of this pepper is very widespread in our country lately.

Even these capsicums are being cultivated by farmers in a limited range in the vicinity of many big cities. These peppers are being sold in various elite hotels or big markets. Apart from this, the people of this country are also exporting these sweet peppers abroad which has been exported in large quantities and the reason for this is that among the important vegetables in our world, tomato is the first and then this sweet pepper is in the second place I like this pepper very much in the morning even myself.

Nutrition and use of sweet pepper:

You will all be surprised to know that this sweet pepper is a very valuable vegetable in terms of nutrition. This sweet pepper is rich in Vitamin C and this is why it can be easily cultivated in tubs. .In this way, it is so easy to deliver this sweet pepper to all the people of our country and it can be very easy to motivate them to eat this sweet pepper.

Harvest time,

There is a tradition of picking this sweet pepper. Usually we can pick this sweet pepper from the field before it turns red when it is mature green. We don't have to wait for it to turn red. We can usually collect fruit from this pepper tree once a week.

After collecting the sweet chilli fruit from it, we can keep it in a cool or shady place and then store it till the market. As a result, care should be taken while collecting the fruits of this pepper that a small amount of bota should be left in it while cutting each fruit.

Diseases of Capsicum:

We all know that almost all types of crops are infested with insects. In the same way, some insects and diseases attack this capsicum or sweet pepper which is a very common thing. These insects include jabpoka, thrips insect, red spider, anthracnose disease, blight disease etc.

In order to protect the plant from all these diseases by attacking the sweet pepper, it is necessary to consult a nearby farmer and apply the approved pesticides on the plant. Only then can good yields be obtainedo.

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Wow this is a detailed article about capsicum

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I learn many information to this capsicum realy appi great artical

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