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Why You Never Get Rich:10 Evils of Spending More Than You Can or “Showing Rich”:

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1 week ago

We see a lot of different people when we go out on the streets. Some are poor, some are rich, some are middle class. We usually try to estimate the economic condition of a person through clothing, transportation, appearance, phone. But did you know that many times our guess is wrong?

Most of the rich people we see on the streets are not really rich. The man who walked into an expensive restaurant with a friend wearing branded clothing, expensive watches and sunglasses, probably ran out of money three days ago - and now he's running out of credit cards. Many of the owners of cars on the road do not have the money to buy one. Most of them are bought with loan money.

These days we hear a lot about "lifestyle maintenance" . If you don't maintain a good lifestyle, it will be a problem in the society. Many people spend more than their income to prove themselves prosperous in the society. Looks like they're very good. Living well, eating, spending - but on the other hand their future is at stake. The money that they could have saved for the future or invested somewhere, they are wasting by going to " Lifestyle Maintenance", or simply "showing off" in Bengali 

If you go ahead to maintain your lifestyle ahead of time - you will never be truly rich.   And at the same time there are some more horrible evils of showing off, which will make your life full of problems. Let's find out the 10 main evils of fake lifestyle maintenance.

01. You will be worried all the time

You may enjoy a lot because of maintaining a high lifestyle. Your movements, clothing - everything will have a shiny look. But you will always be in a state of anxiety. You often have to spend more than you earn to maintain this lifestyle .

Also, even if you don't have money, you need to keep a certain level of spending. It became a matter of great tension at one point. You have to worry about money all the time. Where will the money come from, what if there is no money on time? - These thoughts will always come to mind.

You may feel very well - but you know you have no real financial security.   As soon as you go to sleep at night, all the worries of the world will start coming to your mind. And it will continue to grow day by day. You will understand why it will increase only after reading the next few points.

02. Measure yourself in the eyes of others at all times

In fact, one of the main purposes of showing off is to show off in front of others. You may have Rs 2,000 to spend in your pocket, but you can borrow another Rs 2,000 to maintain your status and buy a birthday present for a friend's daughter.  But if you give a gift of 1000 rupees.   Those who do such things actually measure themselves in the eyes of others at all times.

They evaluate themselves based on what others say about him, what he thinks, how expensive people think he is. Instead of buying clothes according to their ability and choice, they wear clothes of expensive brands beyond their means to look good in the eyes of others. Goes to expensive restaurants to eat. As time goes on, such people begin to measure themselves in the eyes of others in every aspect of life. They have no standard of their own. This affects their families and children.  We will discuss this in detail in point 7. 

03. You will start to envy others

There seems to be no better way to create violence among people than to show off. When you see your friends or neighbors, even family members living better than you - you will want to get it too.  Let someone live a better life than you - it will not be tolerated by you.

If a friend or neighbor has an iPhone, you may want to buy one. And if you can't buy it, you will be angry with him unnecessarily. Defame that person to others. At some point your relationship with everyone will start to deteriorate due to this jealous nature .

When we look around, we see people who can't see the good in others. Behind this is the mentality of pretending to be big all the time.   Since they are not really rich, they can no longer improve their lifestyle after a certain stage - and then they start envying others. He wants to get peace of mind by slandering others, saying bad things in their name - but he doesn't get that peace.  Gradually they became more frustrated.   And their level of violence also increases. He also started envying his own brother or sister. You may have seen people who can't even see their own brother or sister. It is actually the evil of wanting to show oneself bigger than one's ability.

04. You can't take many chances

If you want to show more abundance than you can afford, then you have to spend all of your income on it. He may have to borrow again. As a result, you will not have any money in your hand. Or even a very small amount. In this case, if there is a good investment opportunity - then you can not take that opportunity. It turned out that people who earned less than you did, took advantage of the opportunity to make a good profit. At present many people are buying office products, stock lots etc. at low prices and are making good profits. But if you don't have any money to maintain your lifestyle - these opportunities will always be missed.

Also, if any of your acquaintances or others get a good job or job opportunity, they will not think of giving it to you. Because, looking at your lifestyle, it seems that you are much better - you don't need anything better. In this way, without knowing it, you will not be able to know about many good opportunities. Therefore, it is wise to show as much as you can. If there is a better opportunity than this, your well-wishers will think of you.

05. Many will follow you and you will not be able to handle it

Let's say a small incident: A boy named Kamal used to work in Mr. Zahid's office 3 years ago. Kamal left his job 3 years ago. Mr. Zahid's business is to import electronics. Mr. Zahid has not even remembered his words so far. But one day he found out from one of his employees that Kamal had bought a car for Rs 3 million.  Everyone in the office knows this. Mr. Zahid himself rides in a car worth Rs. 18 lakhs, and the price of Kamal's car, which is marketed in his company, is Rs. 3 lakhs. Mr. Zahid's mood became very bad. He searched for Kamal's business. Kamal found out by importing batteries - senior traders like Mr. Zahid supply big goods, but he did not know that there is so much profit in these products too. He has been in the market for a long time, all the clients know him. He told everyone that he had started importing batteries. As a result, Kamal lost his market.  His monthly income of 5 lakh rupees came down to around 50 thousand. Even if Mr. Zahid did not do it. He already has crores of rupees. His monthly income was much higher than Kamal's. - But his former employee is buying a car more expensive than that and showing it to everyone - that's what he liked.

Kamal was working in an empty market - where the seniors did not pay attention. But whenever he showed everyone how much profit he could make in his market - his business was over. If Kamal had bought a car worth Rs 10 lakh, he would not have been in this situation.  As much as he could handle it, he was at a loss for trying to show off.

In fact, it is important to look at one's own abilities before showing one's abundance. If you show abundance, you must also have the ability to handle it. If you buy a car for 50 lakh rupees after getting one crore rupees - then people will think that you actually have 10 crore rupees. And when they find out that you don't really have that much power, they will look at what you have.

People's eyes must fall on the wealth of others. And if you start to show it by acquiring a small amount of wealth, you will not be able to handle it if it is attacked. If you have Rs 1 crore in your pocket, and you drive a car worth Rs 50 lakh, if someone looks at it, you will not be able to handle it with the remaining Rs 50 lakh in the bank. But if you have 10 crores, and then get in a car worth 50 lakhs - then you can handle a lot with 9 crores. No one will dare to touch you. Because on the way to owning 10 crores, your foundation will become much stronger.

So before you show your wealth, think about whether you can handle it. Show as much as you can handle. 

07. There will be no money in case of emergency

The dangers and urgent needs of the people cannot be mentioned. An accident, illness or other emergency can happen at any time.  And it is wise to set aside some money for this. But if you maintain an unaffordable lifestyle - it will not be possible for you to separate this money. Instead, you will always have some debt. That debt can be to people, or to credit cards. And you will not have money in real danger.

07. Family unrest will be created and relationships with many will be ruined

When you show off your wealth, you don't have to show it alone. The family should be presented in front of others in the same way. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And once they get used to it, they have to give it whatever they want. They will not listen to any of your arguments. And that would make your relationship with them worse - because there would always be quarrels and arguments. They will continue to ask for more. If your family members do not understand what you are doing, they will expect a lot from you. And if for some reason you can't give it to them - that's the problem.   They will not want to accept it at all.

In addition to this, the violence that will arise among you as a result of an unaffordable lifestyle will not stop at just money or lifestyle. If the child of a neighbor or friend attends the school, you will want to send your child to that school even if it is not possible. What other people's children get, you will want to give those things to the child beyond your means. You will also want to achieve what other people's children have achieved with their own children.

Nowadays it is seen that parents want to keep their children under the pressure of horrible studies as well as make them sing, draw pictures, dance - everything. They don’t want to see where the child’s talent is. They all have to be able to. This is because the child does not want the best - the reason is to stay ahead of the competition. When they can't be equal in showing economic prosperity, they want to compete in other ways.

What the children of friends / neighbors / siblings are doing - you have to do it with your own child.   As a result of this unhealthy competition, the mentality of the children is being damaged, and the nature of that violence is also appearing among themselves. In addition to the deterioration of the relationship between themselves, the next generation is not able to develop a healthy relationship.

You may have noticed some people who are showing a lot of sincerity in front of them - but when they close their eyes, they start slandering and criticizing. It is the result of this violence, which begins with the frustration of not being able to be equal.

07. Debt will increase

When you go to show more prosperity than you can afford, you must spend more than you earn. And that's why sometimes you have to borrow. And once the habit of borrowing starts, it turns into an addiction. It is an addiction that continues to grow day by day. At some point, the amount of debt becomes more than the income. There is a lot of real evidence that people are borrowing money from others to buy the latest model phone - a phone that they don't really need.  In this way, the economic situation becomes such that at some point one has to flee in fear of the creditor.

Credit cards are also such a trap. A credit card is a loan - an incentive to spend. But at the end of the day the interest just takes over. Even if you do not have money in your pocket, many people buy it with a credit card, but do not realize that they are trapped in a debt trap.

So if you have these little habits, stop doing them right now. Otherwise you will have to fall into a very bad situation very soon. Don't forget that you can avoid it.  Today or tomorrow you must fall into this trap.  So be careful now.

09. You will become physically ill

By now, you must have realized that maintaining a lifestyle at a higher cost than possible can lead to various mental disorders. And this unrest will have an effect on health. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke - all of these diseases are caused by mental turmoil and anxiety. This means that if you go to great lengths to show that you will suffer from these diseases as well as become physically weak - it is almost certain.

10. Your future will be threatened

While in school and college, he must have read a poem, "The candle that burns in the joy of the day, will not be seen in the house immediately, and the lamp will burn in the night " - that is, if you light a candle for fun during the day, you will not find light in the darkness of night.

If you have a monthly income of Rs 1 lakh today, and you spend all your money on 'lifestyle maintenance', or spend it unnecessarily - you will be in big trouble in the future. People do not always have the same ability to work. As you grow older, your ability to work will diminish - and when your ability to work is gone, you will have to rely on savings or investments.

If you do not save a portion of the money you earn, or invest in a source of income - at some point you will be forced to rely on your own child or someone else to meet even the most basic needs.

Appendix: You can never be truly rich if you continue like this

Robert Kiyosaki, in his famous book Financial Education, Rich Dad Poor Dad, shows a number of reasons why people can't get rich. The main reason for this is to spend without calculation and to show a rich lifestyle before becoming rich.  The richest people in the world like Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos live in a very ordinary way. Buffett used a Nokia phone until 2013. "It's stupid to throw him away before he can do anything," he said in an interview   He got into a very ordinary car that cost less than 50,000.

Before Bill Gates, who was the richest man in the world , no one could believe that Walmart founder Sam Walton was the richest man in the world. Although we see in the welfare of movies and TV, the rich are very luxurious - this is not really the case.  They understand the value of every penny. Don't spend a penny unnecessarily. 

They want to make money with money. If you need to fulfill a hobby, make a separate budget for it. And how do you do all this cool stuff? If you want to be truly rich by your own efforts, you have to refrain from showing off for a while.   Every money has to be calculated and spent. Need to invest as much as possible.

Prosperity does not mean being rich, real money and wealth means being rich. And very few people in the world have actually been able to do that. If you want to be one of those lesser people, you must behave like that lesser number of people.

Earl KnightEngel, the late famous self-development coach, said that only 5 out of every 100 people become financially self-sufficient at the age of 65 because they think and act on their own. Others do not go the way they do. They have a goal for their future, and a plan to accomplish it. Instead of just showing people in society, these 5% people really try to get rich.

In this context, Warren Buffett's remarkable statement : "After spending which remains, do not leave it - spend it moving there after"

Very few people can do it. And those who can, are truly rich.

Last words:  

If you stop trying to be prosperous and try to be truly rich, you will one day be truly rich. There is no secret to getting rich. This is possible only by following some very simple things. But even though these are common, it is not easy to follow them regularly and keep up the habit. Gradually you will realize that you are on your way to becoming truly rich.

To be truly rich, it is important to understand what false riches are, and what the consequences are. Once understood, it becomes easier to survive. And to understand these things so that you have at least some advantage - that's why this article.

If you get some idea from this article about the evils of showing off and the need to eliminate it - then our work is successful.

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