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1 year ago
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The large round moon can be seen through the gaps in the leaves of the coconut tree. The leaves of the coconut tree are moving in the wind and the moon is trying to hide behind the leaves. Why such a beautiful scene seems boring today. I am standing on the verandah. Light wind is blowing. What a surprise! At other times, when the south wind blows the hairs to the north, the mind is filled with peace. Why is it so unbearable today! A piece of cloud came and covered the moon. My mind seemed to be filled with an unknown depression. Nah! I do not like to stand on the veranda. I came to the room and increased the fan. His eyes are burning with intense sleep but he doesn't want to sleep… he doesn't want to stay awake again Oops! What an inconvenience. I don't understand whether the disease is mental or physical. I started to feel uncomfortable after seeing a post on Facebook this afternoon. Thousands of news come in front of my eyes on Facebook even if I don't want to. There is no way to see! Ever since I saw the news, there has been a buzzing sound in my head. It seems that a hundred flies are flying in the head and making a buzzing sound. I sat for a moment and thought, well, can a fly ever enter the head! Where will you enter through those ears ..?

Well, am I crazy ..? I don't know - I can be. Let's try to get some sleep for now. I lay down facing the window and looked outside. There are no buildings around. So the wide sky can be seen through the four-storey open window. As soon as I turned my eyes outside, I saw the moon again. It was as if the moon was staring at me and smiling contemptuously. Except for a moment, the moon seemed to be asking me, "What do you want?" I was surprised. What do I really want? I asked myself. No answers matched. I don't know what I want. I was lost in thought two years back.

Last year of Honors. The pressure of studying is high. Everyone is pretty busy. I was more busy with my studies and career. And so Avro was never noticed. I never tried to understand what his naughty eyes meant. However, in gestures, Avro has tried to explain many times in different words. Why did I neglect him so much? Hoping to get something better than this? I know what! I have returned Avro again and again. Avro could not walk the path with love? I don't know, I have hidden myself from Avro again and again due to some fear.

But today when Avro is going to forget everything and start a new life again কেন why do I feel like this now ..! It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. I am losing something big. Am I going to go back to Avro once? I will go back and correct myself. I will start all over again. Nah… damn .. what am I thinking all this একবার once it is over it never starts again. The smoke that once blended into the air can no longer be brought back. Am I really crazy! Avro's love: No, my neglect of Avro is driving me crazy. But one thing is not coming to mind at all. I know, time does not stop. No one waits forever for anyone. But Eva… Oto was a good friend of mine. Oto knew everything. Knowing everything, he had to get involved in his relationship with Avro! Or they will get married again… people's minds are very stupid. In this mysterious world, the human mind is constantly weaving a web of new mysteries.

The light of the moon seems to be intense. Oops, the moonlight is so bright! How the moon suddenly became the sun…! Oh, well, it's morning. If you are in the world of imagination, in the real world, the moon suddenly becomes the sun.


I am sitting in the chamber. Today the patient has no stress. I chart the diet of patients of different ages throughout the day. Sometimes I make trips with medical teams to different countries. I am now a well-known nutritionist. I called the assistant and asked if there was any appointment today. The assistant said no and left. I got up and stood by the window. A room above ten floors surrounded by large glass Thai. The noise of John's noise did not come so high. Thai removed. The sky is cloudy. On that cloudy day, the old memories were shaken. It is as if the mind is restless. A strong gust of wind came into my eyes. And with the intensity of the wind, the passage of time seems to be moving backwards rapidly. The old boxed memories seem to be fading into the air. Seven years have passed. How many times have I thought that if Avro came and held my hand, he would stand beside me and say, "Let's go, let's try again." Kalpana was stuck in imagination. Avro never came back after realizing his imagination. It rained. বেগThe speed of rain is increasing. I am trying unsuccessfully to stop the rain with my hands outside the window. The time has become blurred due to the rain falling on the watch glass. But not wanting to delete. What will happen in time! Time will not come back. I am in the middle of time and timelessness. The rain has subsided somewhat. Suddenly I looked back at the assistant's call.

- A patient has arrived, send?

-Yes, send it.

I came and sat in the chair. The patient is real inside. I was a little shocked to stand in front. This figure is very familiar to me. Nah .. I'm wrong… this is the imagination of my subconscious mind. I looked a second time. Don't get me wrong. That's true. I controlled myself a bit and said in a normal voice,

- Sit down, let's see what's the problem.

He forwarded the prescription file. I tried unsuccessfully to hide myself with the file in my hand without looking at him. Along with the reports, I looked at Avro. Some hair is curled next to the ears. The frame of the glasses has also changed. Thick framed glasses now have thick lenses. However, there is still no way to catch the age by looking. Looking at the reports, I said, “There is no problem. Excessive tension increases blood pressure. There are also some physical deficiencies. Will you take these foods with the medicine prescribed by the doctor and have you had any liver problems before? ” Saying this, I looked directly at Avro. This time eye to eye. I think to myself, does Avro recognize me… .I don't know, but he seems normal. However, some people never understand what is happening inside by looking at the outside.

-No (Avro said quietly for a while)

- Well, then.

- How are you Ishita?

At that moment, his eyes became blurred. My blurred eyes couldn't avoid his blurred eyes. I try my best to keep the water in my eyes. But disobedient tears came out of his eyes. I said softly,

- That's good

- Your eyes don't say that.

- Exclude me. How r u

-Hmm, that's good

- And your wife?


-Hmm, how are you?

- Where did you find the wife?

- Why didn't you get married?

Suddenly, the sound of thunder startled and we both looked outside. The rain is increasing. Raindrops are flying in the wind. I got up to put the glass. Avro tied up. He said, "Don't stay ... sit down. Let it rain. Let's wash away the old dirt. ” Avro's words are the same as before. Not a bit changed. I sat down.

Avro sighed and said,

“That day was August 29. I went to the doctor because I felt a little bad. The doctor gives some tests. I did the tests and came home. The next day I came with the report. The doctor looked at the reports seriously for a long time. I hesitated a bit because I wanted to know and said I have only six months left in my life calendar. However, he could not give the exact reason. The doctor said to check up the report again. I don't need it anymore. When the time is up now doctor, what is the benefit of running around with the report! Rather, I will leave the rest of my life in peace. But I felt very alone. At the last moment I wanted to be very close to someone. A helplessness engulfed me. I missed you very much. But I did not dare to come to you. If you give it back. Suddenly I remembered your girlfriend Eva. I contacted him. Since he knew everything from the beginning, I told him openly about my illness. I did not want to tell you about my illness lest I feel sorry for you again. Evai then gave the wit. Will the work be right .. No, I didn't think so much wrong then. Eva said that if you give me that post, you will come to me at least once. I also agreed with his words. I really wanted you to come to me. But if you remove yourself by lying about everything. Lost forever from my life. I am going through a depressing time after searching a lot and counting the days for death. Then 6 months passed and 6 months… .. 6 months… almost a year passed. Not realizing any improvement or deterioration in the body, I finally came face to face with the doctor again. After many tests, it was found that the previous report was incorrect. There was only infection in the blood. The previous report showed cancer. ”

6 sighing again.

“Someone like you has been silently lost for a long time in your forgotten life.

Seven years passed one by one. I thought every moment and once again come back to me. But you didn't come. ”

With the cold wind blowing through the window, every word of Avro seems to be piercing my body. The strong cement wet smell that comes with the wind makes the environment more enchanting… more depressing.

"Maybe today this arrangement of nature is to let you know your unknown words!" Avro stopped with a broken throat.

My eyes also seem to keep pace with the rain. This time I did not try to stop its speed. Jharuk… .Don't stop the tear glands today. Avro also has his head down. Is he crying ..?

After a moment of silence, Avro looked outside and said,

-The rain is almost over.

I also looked outside anxiously and said,

-What are you doing now?

He took out a card from his wallet and handed it to me. I took the card in my hand and saw 'Professor Avro Chowdhury' written in large letters in English above.


I am sitting under the open sky. Secluded environment. The cold wind is blowing. I realized with the touch of my hand on my shoulder that Avro was standing next to me. Sit down. We are sitting side by side on the soft sand. The waves are roaring, soaking their feet, and returning to their destination. Even today the moon has risen in the sky. A full moon. There are no clouds in the sky. The moonlight is flickering in the sea water. Although the distance is quite, our point of view is the same. Still, I think Chadanta is looking at me and smiling. However, there is no neglect in that smile today, there is only perfection ..

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Written by   127
1 year ago
Topics: Story
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i like your story dear,it was nice reading

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Thank you dear

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All is well

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Yes, all is well

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