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Hello Bitcoin Cash Community,

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I am saddened by the news of Donald Trump and the government of the United States for bringing that stimulus bill to the American People .

Right before our eyes we see proof of wasted resources . Billions of dollars stripped from the American people and it will too quickly be forgotten.

In 2020 , The Federal Reserve of the United States printed 35% of all US Dollars to ever be created. This type of inflation and monetary policy , along with our crippling $27,000,000,000,000, has already affected the value of the dollars we use .

As SLP users know to watch the mint history of a token to determine its probability to be 1. legit and 2. to succeed , observing and infinite supply of creation should worry anyone who is paid and operates in this currency.

Bitcoin Cash is the solution , as some say with btc .

The disconnect between Americans and the real problems is simply, Americans cannot be bothered with the problems of the world .

" The United States is the greatest country in the world , why should I be concerned?"

This type of thinking is a wicked sickness , The illusion of being so well off that problems cannot be of real proportions.

In the United States many of the products are imported and are sold at high costs . Chinese goods fill our stores. We have few options of groceries on local scale , mostly big chain stores. 27% of working peoples wage is taken in taxes .

Red tape and regulations make starting a business very difficult to conduct properly unless you have resources in terms of USD .

Many people in the US are oblivious to the destruction that has been delivered to the United States dollar and the currency we are forced to operate in. (Until Now )

Bitcoin and the United States Government have a story to play ahead . Bitcoin core btc , has most definitely been "hijacked" from institutional and burecratic operatives.

We will see the future so proudly predicted from Saylor regarding payment rails that are ooohhh so sexy. Hosted by big in bed with the government corporations like paypal , facebook, square, amazon .

Globally , the central banking system is printing fiat at record breaking speeds. They simply state , "We cannot default , as we can print more currency to cover the debts required " .

I know 2020 has been a strange year ..... but read again. The private organization that prints and controls the currency has given the green light to governments to push the boundaries of supply and demand.

Hearing words and phrases of this nature should concern you .

Long story short (and more to expand on in the future ). Centralization is popular . Bitcoin Maximalist are following direct steps of a central banking system , completely bypassing the purpose of Bitcoin.

First world people may face third world problems if they do not heade the warning ,

They cannot enslave the world and make demands. Not when there are freedom loving humans breathing air! I love Bitcoin Cash .

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