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A Cryptocurrency Called Pinkoin

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1 year ago

Permit me to use the word of crypto industry because whatever we doing right now, we are familiar with the word of industry. In the crypto industry, we have two classes of cryptocurrency.

1. Market base crypto currency

2. User base crypto currency

Market base cryptocurrency: they are crypto currency that depends on the market forces(demand and supply) to determine their prices, that is why their value goes up and come down. Under this area, there are thousand of cryptocurrencies, which includes; bitcoin, ethereum, litcoin, doge, ripples, tron, etc. These are the coins you see at the area of coin market(league).

Why we need cryptocurrency to come and take the face of our payment system is to have financial freedom. Because one way or the other there are some people controlling our wealth in the world, we call them the elite. There are just 1% of the world’s population. These are the people that own central banks, world banks and the likes. These are set of people that introduce currency to us. Through this means, there are still using the power to control our finance. The first product of cryptocurrency came out under this same manipulation. So they are no more using the power of demand and supply, they are now using the power of pump and dump(this implies that they pump money into it, the value goes up and they withdraw the money and the value comes down).

It was because of the errors from the area of market base cryptocurrency that brought the invention of user base cryptocurrency. At the area of user base cryptocurrency in the whole world, there are only three of them. These are;

1. Kringle coin

2. TON(telegram coin).

3. Pinkoin.

I’ll only base my explanation on pinkoin.

Pinkoin comes from inksnation. Inksnation is a nation on its own and their native currency is pinkoin. This crypto currency is under user base cryptocurrency.

User base cryptocurrency is the cryptocurrency that has nothing to do with the market forces. They only rely on the numbers of users that are embracing it in the world. Because they recognize humanity as an asset. That when humanities come together, they give value to whatever they want this is the reason why they build their block chain on that. So, when 180living nodes(people) comes under inksnation, the value of their coin appreciate by $1 and no power nor policy can devalue it. That is how it continues to grow everyday.

One other thing that makes pinkoin to be different is because they come with different innovative. One of the innovative is that they have reserves, this implies that as the value of the currency appreciate the money goes into their reserve. That is why they are determine to pay all their citizens a minimum of $300 per month. Because they see ahead that in the next 5 years to come, humanity will be useless and artificial intelligence such as robot and the likes will become the order of the day. And most people will be displace from their place of work. So if at all they are displace, they will something to fall back on. That is why there’s room to make provision for Universal Child Basic Allowance for every of it citizens to be earning per day as the coin is appreciating. This has become a talk in the whole world today. Another innovative is that they they have digital card. It has never happen in the crypto world that a particular crypto company will be coming out with it own digital card and its own Automated Teller Machine(ATM)

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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