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1 year ago

If a rapist is punished for raping a rapist, should society be punished for raping that rapist mentally ?? The way the society treats her after the rape, can't it be called the second rape in terms of the girl's mind ?? The wound of the body dries up, does the wound of the mind go away at all ?? So isn't it a sin to mentally break that man down ?? Isn't it a crime? Why would the girl's life end there ?? Why doesn't he have a beautiful future ?? Did he tag himself with rape? The life of a rapist does not stop ?? He just arranged his life. Because we give him that opportunity. We forget about his misdeeds. What does it mean to listen to the helpless victim and her family if this society can welcome a vile criminal? We need to change our mindset before shouting 'I want justice, I want justice'. Otherwise, even if the victim gets justice, this society will end him again. 😊😊😊

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Thanks a write about my country.i love Bangladesh because it's my country.i really like your article.keep going of luck.

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1 year ago