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9 months ago

Hey Friends, :0)

I'm still watching and reading lot of things about computer history. Few people knows who was Gary Kildall ( and his CPM ( Apple and Microsoft have taken the history for them.

I enjoy so much listening all these anecdotes, the story of.. these Masters of code and engineering.

One about Steve Wozniak and how he hacked colors on TV monitor to make games for the Apple using a $1 chip. Be careful, because once you look at one of these videos, it's possible that you will spent the next 12 hours in this universe. haha. I like this guy.

Enjoy! :0)

See you soon..
Much #LoVe
Thank you very much for all your support.

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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Written by   80
9 months ago
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Yeah YouTube is definitely where you lose track of time!

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9 months ago

haha, yep! Totally. :0))

Thank you for your support! :0) Have a fantastic weekend.

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9 months ago