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3 years ago

Hello Music Lovers,

A demo I recorded in june 2016 under Alchemic Journey. It's called:"Do You Remember". Progressive Rock. I wanted to record an entire progressive rock Album. I have some demos recorded, I only revealed a few. Now, Alchemic Journey is a Band, and we play a lot of influences on our music, not only Progrock. Not easy to start again with this project of Progressive Rock Album. Perhaps I have to take some decisions. I'm reflecting about it.

A peaceful weekend to everyone! :0)
Yep, better with Headphones.

Do You Remember (uploaded for this publication, waiting for souncloud embed integration)

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I wrote lyrics a couple of weeks ago. It's something like "Do You Remember.. Earth". A Post Apocalyptic view..

See you soon.. for more!
Much #LoVe
Thank you very much for all your support.

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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