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A music platform on the Bitcoin Cash network?

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2 weeks ago

A fact!

Will there be no one to design a music platform on the Bitcoin Cash network?

When I see all these crypto music projects which start from a good intention but which for the moment do not lead to much, if it is not good gusts of wind, I say to myself: "but how is that possible?" Has anyone thought of a Bitcoin Cash project like this?

I mean the cryptocurrency is there, already well established, one of the best current cryptocurrencies, not to say the best if you look closely at its characteristics.

Gentlemen, developers, it's up to you! Build us a music platform where fans can buy tracks with #BCH, stream music, tip their favorite artists, etc. The possibilities are endless. Even merchandizing.

For example, you could take a percentage of sales, etc. to make the project viable. Flipstarter could be helpful too.

So what?

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