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2 months ago

Since the last week we started our campaign for the development of our educational initiative and organic adoption in Venezuela, in it we describe the importance of educating the population that does not know about Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrencies, encouraging the inclusion of people of all social classes with a learning process to create exchange networks in our society based on Bitcoin Cash.


In Venezuela the devaluation of the currency is the daily bread, which in many newspapers around the world is a surprise or a front page story here is something daily. Since 2015, the Venezuelan has progressively found a refuge for the value of his work in cryptocurrencies, of course a tiny part of the population, mostly young people and freelancers, trust more in digital alternatives more than in traditional ones. Currently Venezuela is one of the top (3) countries in adoption of cryptocurrencies, an ideal setting to encourage the use of Bitcoin Cash as sound digital money of which each person can have control.

Most of the merchants are adapted to the paradigms of the banking systems, because through them they get facilities for the reception of points of sale and credits that makes them feel a economic freedom sensation to boost their businesses, nothing is further from reality under this devaluation scenario. This interaction day by day has lost presence due to the depreciation of the currency and the normalization of the dollar as the main medium of exchange within the country. This is an advantageous scenario because (90%) of the exchanges within Venezuela are carried out in foreign paper money, only a few merchants receive bolivares and prices are set at the daily reference value of the dollar.

Inflation has destroy the purchasing power of salaries and savings to benefit low productivity sectors and the government. It is a transfer of wealth from citizens to the government.

This leads us to the conclusion that Venezuela's banking system and populist economic doctrines such as price control, censorship of currency transactions, statizaiton, among others have failed.


The purpose of this project is to encourage Venezuelans who currently see Bitcoin Cash as a necessity and not an option, to progressively learn to separate the economy from the direct influence of the state. Bitcoin Cash is the perfect tool to make this a reality at an educational and commercial level to continue evolving like hard money.

During the last 6 years in Venezuela there has been a progressive migration of Venezuelans to other countries, most of the migrants leave the country because property and economic freedom is constantly threatened, that same freedom that would allow us to develop freely in the society of both expression and action, from there many have required to leave the country where economic power is controlled by political interests.


Venezuelans can find a refuge of freedom and that in turn in line with the values ​​of decentralization, without censorship, and building the foundations of a free economy in exchange networks outside the control authorities of the authoritarians and censors.

To fulfill this task we must continue to carry our message of hope and help to those people who are still under the shadows of ignorance and information manipulation, although the failure of these doctrines is increasingly revealed and with a totally exhausted speech, something that in practice it is less and less viable. Our refuge of economic freedom will be focused on bringing this message to those who have the least possibilities or those who lack the digital tools to access information. Why go to the most deprived sectors? The best learning is through experiences and these people who are most lacking those who most need a message of hope.

Flipstarter Barriers

In our growth process, learning is constant, when we launched the campaign a week ago we presented problems with the domain and we did not have (SSL) certificates to access safely, in our group there are no experts in web domains or servers, Even so, several people managed to access the campaign and made some pledges.

After a few days the reports of no access "unable to reach" or "staus down" increased. This motivated us to take a corrective measure by changing the domain to one with an extension (.com)

These types of domains are very easy to acquire at and using Bitcoin Cash, you just have to top up your account with Bitcoin Cash.

With a deposit of $ 10 you can easily acquire a web domain, this will be the link with the web server where you host the campaign. Our campaign is hosted in a Digital Ocean server.

After having acquired the domain, we will proceed to use Cloudflare services. This is a free and easy way to configure SSL on web domain.

Steps to follow:

  1. Sign up and Register your web domain in Cloudflare (place purchased domain in namecheap)

  2. Go to DNS tab, Synchronize settings between Cloudflare and your namecheap domain.

  3. Add the subdomain (Flipstarter) , you need the public IP address of the server where the campaign is hosted. Option : ADD record-> type A-> name: FLipstarter-> content: Ip server campaign-> Save

  1. Add the custom DNS that Cloudflare offers in yout NameCheap domain dashboard, in this case the default configuration of namecheap is BasicDNS, you should only change it to Custom DNS.

  1. Paste the DNS recommended by CLoudFlare , there are in the bottom of DNS section "authoritative DNS servers"

  1. Then we access the SSL / TLS tab and select "Flexible option".

  1. Finally, after saving the changes and verifying that the steps were executed properly, wait around 10 minutes for the configuration take effect.

  2. Finally try to access to the campaign from several devices and check in select PING option and enter the domain of your camapign.

    Here you can see two examples, the first is a campaign without (SSL):

The next one is a campaign after activating (SSL)

In conclusion, for your campaign to be visible and secure, it is necessary to activate (SSL), and to obtain the certificate you do not need to be a guru or an expert in programming. Certainly we could save all this time and process by paying close to $200 to have the campaign built for us, but if our vision and mission is to educate voluntarily, the best way to demonstrate it is to take risks, try, fail, learn and share.

If you are motivated or you like what we do, you can make a pledge in our campaign. Currently the minimum contribution is only 0.021 BCH.

Thank you very much Bitcoin Cash community!

You can change the world, just make it happen.

Sofia 💚




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Written by   646
2 months ago
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