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NFT tired monkeys

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1 month ago

We all follow the world of NFT, we know who Yuga Labs is. It is a mysterious company that, like other great pioneers of NFT art, has its own product - Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Similar to CryptoPunks, there is also a collection of avatars featuring tired monkeys of various colors and shapes (there are already 10,000 of them). The Kennel Club of Boring Monkeys is a logical continuation of this successful ... NFTaria? This time the picture shows puppies, faithful companions of every tired monkey.

Interestingly, 107 monkeys and 101 puppies were offered to the public at an auction organized by Sotheby’s. Of course, collectors rushed, so the collection of monkeys is estimated at 12-18 million dollars. The initial bids before the auction itself have already reached 20 million (and while you are reading this, the price may have jumped). The dogs do not seem to be so appreciated, because in relation to the expected value of the collection of 1.5-2 million dollars, "only" about 550,000 dollars are offered.

Take a look at the collection at this link;

Crypto enters the world of games

If you've ever played any RPG game on your phone or computer, you know that one of the more exciting moments is collecting items that remain behind a successfully completed mission or task. Often in games, prey is found in coffins marked by how rare (common, rare, legendary) they are. The RPG genre has long sorted both objects and many other elements of the game by how often they appear.Dom Hoffman, known for being the co-founder of the Vine platform, has launched an unusual project called Loot. His collection consists of, seemingly random, names of items found mostly in RPG games; a gold ring, a magic sword, mystical armor, etc. He deliberately did not assign to objects any rules, figures, or other statistics typically found in games. He didn't even make a classic NFT for the attached illustration of the object. "Think of them yourself, interpret them differently according to the needs of your game," Dom said. It seemed as if the House was selling a list of non-existent items for ETH.

Soon a community of players who liked this erupted, so they started collecting Loot, assigning their illustrations, trading. Items that do not yet have a game to use! It remains to be seen whether anyone will make a game or games that could be connected via Loot.

The Adventure Gold (AGLD) coin also appeared on the wave of the Loot phenomenon, which will one day be used to buy Loot packages. Madhouse! So, you can buy non-existent money to pay for non-existent items that currently have no use case at all.

More about this game at the following link.

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Written by   365
1 month ago
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