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Dear friends, I read a wonderful book for children. It is so beautiful that I behave like a child these days. It was written by Elena Favili, a journalist from Italy and a writer Francesca Cavallo.The book is called "Goodnight Stories for Little Rebels."The book was awarded to my student Marija, who is 10 years old and is the most active member of the library for 2020.These two writers founded TIMBUKTU LABS.It is an innovative laboratory for children's media. From books to playgrounds, from games for mobile phones to interactive workshops.TIMBUKTU is dedicated to redefining the boundaries of children's media through combinations of carefully designed, thought-provoking content,great design and the latest technology.With 2 million users in over 70 countries, 12 mobile applications and 7 books, TIMBUKTU is building a global community of progressive parents.I chose parts of the book and illustrations because of Mary.

Maria Callas, opera singer

Maria was a clumsy and unpopular girl. She was convinced that her mother loved her sister more, because she was slimmer, more beautiful and more popular than her.One day, Maria's mother discovered that her little daughter had an amazing voice.She encouraged Maria to sing in order to earn money for the family.She tried to enroll at the National Conservatory in Athens but was rejected because she never had a formal music education.When the private professor heard Maria singing, she was left without lyrics. It was the divine voice she heard.She mastered all the most difficult arias in a few months and her singing style was touching. She re-applied to the National Conservatory and was accepted.When she had her debut performance on the stage of the most prestigious opera on the entire Milan scale, her voice aroused passion, anger, joy and love.The rain of roses fell on the stage that night. Maria became Divine and the most famous soprano in the world.

"I will always make as many difficulties as it is necessary to reach perfection" MARIA Callas!

Maria Curie, scientist

There was a school in Poland that people called the Floating University.The girls were not allowed to study, so Marija and her sister got tired of hiding.Then they enrolled at the Sorbonne University and moved. Maria was fascinated by metals and magnets. She discovered that some minerals were radioactive.Mary's husband Pierre was so intrigued by her research that he gave up the crystals he was working on.Together they discovered two new radioactive elements: polonium and radium.She won two Nobel Prizes and made her research available to everyone for free!

"Nothing in life should be feared. You just need to understand it" Maria Curie

Maria Montessori, physicist and educator

She was a doctor and worked with children with disabilities. She did not use old teaching methods, but observed children.Her innovative techniques were very effective with children with disabilities, so she opened a school called "Children's Home".She invented furniture herself: small light chairs, low shelves, toys that encourage children to discover the world around them in a practical and independent way.Her methods are used today in school and help children grow into strong and free people.

,,Never help a child with a task that can only be mastered by. "Maria Montessori

Maria Reiche, archaeologist

An adventurer, German mathematician Maria Reiche, lived in a small house in the Peruvian desert.Hundreds of lines were engraved in dry desert stones. No one knew what they were for, or why they were there, or how long they were there.Those mysterious lines, the nascan lines, became Mary's passion.While studying the lines, she discovered that they were huge drawings: hummingbirds, flowers, spiders, geometric shapes.She discovered that the lines correspond to the constellations in the night sky. A giant map of the sky.

"When I first arrived in Peru by sea, the ship passed through the center of four consecutive rainbows: four ports, one in the other." Maria Reiche

Maria Sibila Marian, biologist

She was a girl who loved art. She painted flowers, caterpillars that turn into butterflies.She wrote a book in Latin. In the Surinamese rainforests, Mary and her daughter studied insects in the jungle canopy.Today we know that many animals go through a metamorphosis thanks to Mary Sybil Marian!

"I spent my youth studying insects" Maria Sibila Marian


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