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How does student service and football spread the blockchain?

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6 months ago

When I wake up, I drink coffee and read interesting news from the crypto world. I decided to share them with you. Maybe you haven't read them ?!These are really interesting events.

Pompously announced Canadian stablecoin

Canadian bank VersaBank, in cooperation with the company Stablecorp, announced VCAD, the first digital currency to represent the fiat currency. VCAD will be the first cryptocurrency based on deposits of a North American bank.For a start, VCAD will be in circulation among financial intermediaries in exchange for a deposit in Canadian dollars, and then they will be able to offer currency to individuals and legal entities for use in business. Linked to the value of the Canadian dollar, VCAD will be able to be exchanged at any time for colorful banknotes of the world's strongest power in the export of maple syrup.

Student service on the blockchain!

The student service is considered by many to be invented only to torture students. But the year of the covid crisis has tormented even the state bureaucracy to such an extent that salvation is sought in systems based on blockchain technologies.The US Department of Education has launched the Education Blockchain Initiative or EBI project, with the aim of exploring ways in which blockchain technology can help exchange data between academic institutions and the industrial sector. The demand is, no less and no more, to revive education and the employment ecosystem, in light of the pandemic that thwarted the otherwise difficult opportunities of vulnerable groups, and reduced their visibility towards potential employers.

A fund of $ 900,000 was provided, which was distributed to four teams that focused on solutions for better management of student documentation. Currently, students who change direction, want to change schools or show their future success to a future employer have to fight bureaucratic battles with the student service of their faculty. Almost a third of all students have at least one such case during their schooling, and it is estimated that each transfer costs them approximately one semester in lost data.

Some of the offered solutions; a decentralized personal data management system, a smart contract that allows various institutions to issue student letters of credit that can be easily verified by the employer, a letter of credit sharing platform and a digital wallet to store student letters of credit are now awaiting the implementation phase.If you are more interested you can follow here!

Football to faster adoption of blockchain and digital assets

I'm exchanging Lewandowski for Ronaldo. Sentences of this type are common among fantasy football fans. For the uninitiated, there is a social game in which you put together a dream team, and you get points based on how your footballers performed in real life.

Imagine if every football player was presented with a card, like those pictures that are still popular among fans of the most important sideline in the world. And if those cards were actually NFT! Oh, you obviously haven't heard of Sorare. Okay, okay. Sorare is a fantasy football platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Their partners are big teams like Juventus or Bayern. While last year they sold only $ 50,000 NFT / cards with players, last month they had a turnover of over $ 6 million!

That's why Benchmark, an investor who supported both Ebay and Twitter and Uber, decided to invest $ 50 million in Sorare. Football + collecting passion = faster way to adopt crypto assets. At least that's how they count at Benchmark.

Digital art breaks all records

Mike Winkleman, better known as Beeple, is an artist who creates digital installations, short films and clips. His digital animated image "Crossroads", which represents a fallen giant reminiscent of Trump armed with derogatory graffiti, reached a price of 6.6 million dollars.The trick is that “Crossroads” is a work of art presented by NFT, and the sale went through Nifty Gateway. As the Winklevos brothers predicted, the NFT boom also brings with it the transition of collectibles to a blockchain format, in the form of nifti.

Beeple is currently considered the most important artist in the crypto-world, and with this sale it is clear why.

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Written by   365
6 months ago
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