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For a smart manevery war is lost

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4 months ago

For days, social media published verses by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Dervis. We shared these verses and prayed for days. It is in vain. The war has begun. Another disgrace to humanity. I'm very sad. Desperate.

"The war will end.

Leaders will shake hands.

But she will remain that old mother who longs for her son.

And that woman who is waiting for her beloved husband.

And those children who are waiting for their father hero.

I don't know who sold the homeland.

But I saw who paid the price. "

Mahmoud Dervish, Palestinian poet

have neither the will nor the desire to write about the sun, spring, blue sky.

I am ashamed to be human:

- I am ashamed to be human because the $ 100,000 bombs, whose launch from the air carried out the entire attack - $ 100,000,000, in a few minutes ...

To kill people who survive on $ 10 a day. This is what war looks like !!!!

And so the world is justified in not being able to stop poverty.

They always have him for a weapon, never for hungry stomachs.

That's why I'm ashamed to be human.

When I was in primary school, there was the USSR. We received letters from children from Russia.I received letters from two girls, Galjina and Ludmila from Kiev.For years we corresponded in Russian, sent dolls, postcards and napkins.It was a wonderful friendship and my attachment to the beautiful city on the Dnieper.Kiev is surviving hell tonight.Again through history. After the Mongol invasion in the 13th century, Kiev was completely destroyed.Flourished again during the Russian Empire, in the late 19th century.The city suffered a lot during the Second World War. I'm still very sad. Photo taken from the Internet during the October Revolution.

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Written by   376
4 months ago
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I am also very sad. It's terrible that Putin is having rockets fired and bombs dropped on Kiev. The city is being destroyed, Russians and Ukrainians are dying. The insane Putin should burn in hell.

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4 months ago