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Unknown fact about tejpata

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6 months ago
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The nine unknown use of the Tejpata..

Usually, oil is used in cooking and to bring the flavor of oil. Tejpata is not only a cuisine, but also a way of healing the disease which is essential to cure a single person.

Let's know that 9 unknown use of oil-

1. Many times get thick thick. In that case, 1 liter of water pushes and drag them to 2-3 times. You can't try again.

2. Tejplata is useful for those who are very sick. Coching the Tejjata, mugger, and keep two cups in hot water for 10-12 hours. Then, after two weeks of playing the pig and then the body started to force the body, the lullaby returned.

3. Grandpa will be able to eat the oil and drink it 4 cups, then they will have to eat the morning and afternoon. It's 4-5 weeks and Grandpa will be healed. It also works to remove the water from the waters and erase their grandfather.

4. Sometimes the color of the pebble is ripened. In that case, Tejpata 2-3 cup of oil was wet for two hours in hot water. Then the skull 2-3 hours of the water in the heart. The color of the pebble will be white.

5. Tejpata is good for cleaning the skin. Raise Tejpata in the shanton, and put them in a bath before the bath. Then you take a bath and get dirt. Besides, the problem of those who smell the smell also fades.

6. Every time I'm going to be there, people go through. At that time, when you speak loudly or scream. The oil will be able to escape this problem and it will be a bit of a bit of a 3-4 times.

7. If the fur is in pain, the harder it gets, the oil will be spilled 2-3 times if it gets to hit the oil.

8. The more fresh meat, the more fresh, the more fresh you than ever, is going to be a bit of a snap, and a half hour after being a bit of a snack. It's like seven days.

9. Tejplate drains and pierces the water and shakes the face.

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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