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One afternoon, it's raining

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1 year ago
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One afternoon, it's raining

There's no umbrella with you.

Just meet you in the middle of the road

It's gonna be wet, i have six-bucks.

We'll never be there on the streets

The stores are closed

Just in your heart

The wet smell of the ground.

One afternoon, it's raining

I'll remember everything

Don't keep the word

It hurts you

Somewhere outside the radio

'If this path doesn't end'

And the rain will become blue

And the sky’s colour

One day Rain...

One day It's raining.

The broken wall

When do you tie a swimming?

And never to see the rain

The two tears.

You're tearing but i cant see it because of raining.

One afternoon, it's raining

We'll be caught, right?

You'll wash the whole lot of the richest

Smells the stairs

And six will be thrown away.

So you can't escape anywhere

Just like the way.

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Written by   94
1 year ago
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