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Ease of e commerce parcel collection

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1 month ago

Nowaday pandemic season, mosf of us already get used to e commerce buying daily stuff.

But one hassle thing comes with e commerce ,I believe bugging many of us that is the parcel collection .

When you chose the date of delivery, weekend definitely need to pay higher and with limited slot. And you may end up forgetting to stay home for the parcel collection ! Let along courier may keep you waiting the whole day just for the small parcel which you paid already the delivery fee !

Singapore has a solution for many here for the e commerce parcel collection.

That is to setup man-less locker in many hdb blocks!

So when your parcel is sent to these type man-less locker, you can easily go and get your parcel at your convenient time ! eg late night after you back from party , from work etc.

Looking forward for it ! I have paid enough delivery fee for parcel !

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