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Voyager Lists $SHIB SHIBA INU - Steve Ehrlich Makes it Happen

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4 months ago

We thought it wasn't going to happen for a while, but this just shows the motivation of a customer-first CEO!

Calls for Voyager, the industry-leading crypto broker that charges its customers $0.00 in commission on trades, to list $SHIB SHIBA INU came very quick after its popularity, but Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich replied to a tweet by @Charlie74BOS1 on June 12.

It is now only 5 days later, and Voyager's Twitter account just released an announcement:

My prediction is the world as we know it will no longer be the same. Children will become 10 feet tall, famine will cease to exist, money will fall from the sky...

No no no, this is an awesome way for the less tech-savvy or crypto-n00b to easily purchase $SHIB. You can actually buy in the millions and billions of $SHIB token. Personally, I purchased a couple million because, who knows... it could 100x by tonight. Join the fun! It's a meme token that's ranked in the top #50 on CoinGecko, so who knows.... Join the $DOGE-killer and shill good vibes.

For a current price on $SHIB, click here:

My referral link for Voyager is: If you download the app with this link (or use code D8718B) and trade $100 in $SHIB, you will get $25 of free Bitcoin added to your account. 

Important claims: I am not a financial advisor, this is just data I am presenting from the internet as my reason for using Voyager. Please do your own research before you invest any money. Crypto currency is not FDIC insured. I am a $VYGVF shareholder. I own an air fryer.

I welcome constructive comments, and please follow me on Twitter!!

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4 months ago
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