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All Mothers Needs "Me Time. A Time To Relax and Enjoy, Too

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3 months ago

Being a mother means being dedicated to our family. Some are working full-time while some are plain housewife. Some thought that being a housewife is easy. Some thought that it is just easy because all they knew is that they just work at home. But it is more than just washing the dishes or cleaning the house. It is all around work that does not require salary. It is a forever duty of a mother. It is in indeed tiring and stressful at home.

When you are a housewife or house husband mainly because your partner is the one working outside, you are doing all the duties at home. Doing the laundry is not easy. It is easy if you have washing machine but if you don't have, hand-wash is full of sacrifice.

Washing The Clothes

Whenever I wash clothes, I do it by hand-wash so that I can make sure that the clothes are clean from stains especially if the clothes are colored white. But it is really tiring because your hands might get irritated because of the soap and it requires a lot of force. After hand-washing, I felt tired.

Washing the clothes through washing machine is much easier but I noticed that the clothes are not properly washed because you don't use your hands to clean the stains.

Taking care of the kid/kids

Being a mother, a solo parent and working at home is harder. I take care of my kid especially now that he is no longer a toddler. He is very clumsy and moves a lot. I admit that I hurt him most of the time because he always met an accident because of his clumsiness.

I also work at night so most of the time I only slept few hours because I am taking care of my son in the morning. I cannot slept longer because I have to watch over him. What more if you have 3 kids or more? Aside from taking care of him, you also have other chores to do. Most of the nights, I felt sleepy during working but atleast I am just at home looking after my son.

Cleaning the house

If there are kids, a house will never be clean. It may be clean for a moment but once the kids are awake, all the toys will be scattered. Everything will be out of place.

You have to clean the house everyday and it becomes a routine.


Before, my only "me time" is when I take a bath but it should be faster especially if my son is sleeping. Because once he is awake that I am not beside him, he will go to the bathroom and cry.

But if he is awake and playing while I take a bath, I can take a bath longer. This is where I felt silence for the meantime.

I remember when my mother told me how I look like l. That I have only 1 son but I look like I have 5 children. I don't know how to manage my time for myself. I look pity and stressed. Then I look at the mirror and it was true.

I also saw the pictures of my son's baptismal. I don't buy anything new for me so I wear the old dress I have. I just tried to fit it because my belly is bigger than before. It was funny because aside from my unmanageable gray hair, my dress looks old too. But during that time, I don't care at how I look. I was just focused with my son for him to be baptized and be a Christian.

I also have hairfall. I noticed that when I started to have a baby. My mother said that it is part of breastfeeding but I don't know how my falling hair is related to breastfeeding. But I believe it is also because of stress. Both at work and at home.

Until I realized that I should also make time for myself.

Before, all I did for myself is to take a bathe and brush my teeth and sometimes comb my hair.

But right now, I bought skin care products as my daily routine. Every morning, I wash my face with whip soap that I watch online. It was famous before because of its nourishing effect and I saw the videos and there were good feedbacks about the product. I've been using it for a month now. I hope it is effective to me.

I don't have a perfect skin but I just want to use it as my maintenance. At least I can say that I have my time to take care of of myself. I also use facial foaming scrub to remove dead cells..

Even my hair, most of it turned gray. Eversince I work, I noticed I began to have gray hair until most of my hair are gray. I just colored it with black dye once every 2 months.

I also want to go out and have time with my kid and my partner but because of the pandemic, we cannot hang out to atleast refresh ourselves and not just stuck at home.

Since my son is already big that I don't have to carry him all the time, I have some time to use my phone and watch movies or videos. This is also the reason why I have rime to write articles.


We all have our time for ourselves. Let us not just focus with the family. Once in awhile, we need to focus on our own self.

We can hang out with friends, eat with them or watch a movie.

Or we can still go out with our whole family. Bond with them by eating dinner outside so that we don't have to cook or wash the dishes. We can rest for few hours and our job is lessen. Once we are home, we will just sleep and have bonding time with kids and family.

We can also buy clothes for us. Buy foods that we like to eat or drink. At the end of the day, we can still share it with our family.

My "Me Time" is more of being alone in the bathroom. Reminiscing or simply sitting in the bathtub.

Or it can be simply by reading books while lying in the bed while everyone is sleeping.


I want to thank everyone reading and upvoting my articles especially to my sponsors who continue supporting me: CryptoMax, immaryandmerry and Bjorn.

Happy reading!!

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Written by   56
3 months ago
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My "Me time"? Kapag tulog na ang anak ko. Himdi talaga madali maging nanay. Left and right ang trabaho. Relate much ako sa paglalaba sis. Hinahand wash ko kasi ang mga puti. Kaya laging nasusugatan kamay ko. Minsan nga hindi ko na matapos kasi hindi na kaya ang hapdi. Kaya yung partner ko na lang ang magbabanlaw.😁

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3 months ago

Tama. Yun lang naman talaga pahinga natin pag tulog or kapag nasa CR tayo. dlDami natin trabaho na hindi nagagawa sa bahay

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3 months ago