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All About Computer Education: Health Reminders

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Weย cannot deny the fact that technology especially the computer has an enormous effect on our daily lives. It helps us to make our tasks easier and faster.

By the power of this device, we are able to do any computer-related works we would like to do. It also provides us fulfillment, such as providing us information we would like to know and it can be used for communication and entertainment.

We can access to different sites and programs that we either want or need. Also, by the help of this ubiquitous technology, we can send and save files whenever we want.

During these days, computers have become very common to most of us. Computers have become the lifeline of our generation, especially of the young ones.

Almost everyone has their access to it and knew some knowledge and ideas about it. Computers are mostly found everywhere. At home, school, malls, office and so on. Because of this, students and office staff and many of us become more closely connected with computers.

It affects their ways of entertainment, education, health and socialization.

As the time goes by, the computer also contributed to the traditional ways of teaching.

It changed some of the old ways how the teachers teach. From that, we cannot deny to the fact that the computer creates a big role in students because it provides them most of their needs for their mental development.

We should be aware of this and we shouldnโ€™t just focus on the things we are gaining in now, but also think of the possible outcomes someday.

At this point, people around a student contribute a lot about how disciplined will he manage his time by using a computer.

The people includes their parents, guardians, teachers, or any other people who are older and more knowledgeable about his device than them.

Exposure of students to computer might be harmful when he lacks guidance from the people around him. He might lose his attention to other things that are more important than using a computer. It may harm him emotionally, physically and socially when it continued and started to be a habit.

On the other hand, students can avoid the habit of improper usage of the computer when they are properly guided and influenced by the people around him. They should discuss with the students what might happen when they didnโ€™t discipline their selves on how to deal with computer properly.

The feud whether computer education is effective in enhancing studentsโ€™ academic performances has been around us nowadays.

There are observed factors that we usually see anywhere which really affect studentsโ€™ adjustments of modernization of learning. As we get more high-tech, the expectations and works that are being required for us to do is a lot harder and more complicated.

Health tips when we are using Computer, for students and office staff:

Student now a days are frequently using computer, laptop and mobile phones because of having Online Class because we do not have face to face classes due to Covid-19.

As well as it is good reminders to those who having work from home.

We can't deny the fact that we can suffer this sickness such as eye distress, back pain, shoulder and hand aches.

1.) Use Anti-Radiation glasses

We must protect our eyes from eye strain because we usually having long hours in front of our computer. So using Anti-Radiation Glass can prevent us having eye strain.

2.) Set up your computer/ Laptop in proper position.

Center our monitor, allows us to see entire screen without having Head and shoulder ache, sit up straight, place you arms and feet in right position.

3.) Organize your computer/ Laptop

Just go to control panel,Lower the brightness so it is not too bright, adjust the font size in normal size so it is not too small and you can read it easily without moving your eyes nearer to the computer.

4.) Take a break

Your eye is just like yourself, it will tired and stress after a long hours in front of the computer and laptop.

We must have break even in just short down of period so we can stand up from sitting after a long hours, move our body so it lessen body ache m, rest our eyes it is needed!

Taking a break us just like recharging us in order to have full energy if we will having tasm again in computer.

5.) Make a schedule in using computer

Somehow, aside some rest we should have schedule when we are using computer. To manage our time and don't focus only in using computer. So we can do other activities, home cleaning and bonding with our family.

Especially in students it is not healthy if we always looking long hours in computer.

It can only affect their academic performances negatively if they use computer education improperly and uncontrolled.

It is alright to use computer for entertainment, but it will be proper if students know their limitations on it.

The people around the student are also factors on how will he manage using this device.

Computer education is effective in enhancing studentsโ€™ academic performances. But on the other hand, it may vary depending on the way the students use it. It shows that the way the students use computer depends on how will the people around them educate them.

Also, some factors affect the way they enhance themselves: such as the financial support they get, the way they interpret when teachers discuss his lesson trough computer, how will they be educated on how could they use computers in a proper way, and etc.

If we look forward to it, we cannot deny that it is beneficial, especially for the younger generation because they can easily adjust to changes. Just like what technology created in the way of learning we have. It changes a lot compared to they way we used to learn before. But fortunately, its results are mostly positive for now.

Computer education is worth recommending for each one of us. It helps us to do our works easier and faster. Not just only students, but also for the other people, should be knowledgeable and informed of what negative effects might result whenever the is an improper usage of computer.

You shouldnโ€™t just focus on the things that it may positively affect you, but you should be alert on what negative results it may bring. You should also share information to other people about what you know and what you have learned about this idea.

Always remember that we will never experience negative thing caused by computer if we know how to discipline ourselves from the first place.

And only good things will result if we are just focused on our mind that computer is not just for entertainment, but mainly, for learning.

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Written by ย ย 177
2 days ago
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