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I need you...

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1 year ago

I need you, I need you the most in old age!

- In our youth we will quarrel a lot, we will sleep almost at night without quarreling, we will lie face down on both sides of the bed, we will not look at anyone, we will not talk!

- You will turn your face away in pride, it will start raining outside, I will tremble in the cold, I will actually hold your hand to put my hand on my body thinking that I am asleep!

- One day I will buy five yellow roses from the market and return home. You will get very angry when you see the yellow roses. You will get angry and breathe loudly.

- One day I will return home by accident, you will see the blood on my forehead and you will cry a lot, you will stay by my bed at night, I will pull you on my chest and fall asleep that day!

- One day I will get a call on the color number on my mobile, you will be upset when you hear the voice of a girl after receiving the call, don't talk to me all day in arrogance, I will go to the roof and smoke a cigarette, when you realize that the number was really color run from my hand I will throw away the cigarette, I will hug you and say I love you that day!

- I will quarrel with you more than I love you in my youth, one day I will fight and grow old from youth to youth, your blood will be on my face like age, the black hair on my head will turn white, cataracts will fall on my eyes, your eyes will be blurred I will keep looking at it!

- "Believe me" my youth will be cut off somehow by the force of blood, but when I become a burden to the children in old age, when the children in old age want to leave me in the old age home, I will need you that day, one day with a stick in one hand, I will go to the old age home trembling holding you!

- One night I will sit in the yard of the old age home and see the moon in the sky

I will laugh a lot when I think back to the days I left behind,

"Believe me" I need an old woman to seduce me in old age, I will spend the last days of my life looking at an old woman with white hair

Will you be by my side that day too?

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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