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People don't lose to others, people lose to themselves

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1 month ago

People don't lose to others, people lose to themselves. Yes, you also lose to yourself. If we always tell our subconscious mind that we have lost, we will not be able to win even after a hundred attempts.

So always tell your subconscious mind that you can't lose, you have the ability to stand up, to turn around.

No one can lose at this age. It may add another feather to the experience.

In our education system, just as secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate, postgraduate certificates come one by one, I think every rate of life is the end of one education step at a time.

Of course, my own belief is that there is nothing in life to win or lose. Life is the sum of innumerable experiences. You lose when an experience is horrible, but you don't win when you experience intense happiness.

Where is the rate-win measuring instrument? Who set the standard? If this is your victory and if not the rate, then who am I or anyone else?

Totally your own belief. If you label the rate a win, my advice is to get rid of it.

Tonight, at dawn, dawn will come with its pure light. The law of nature has to come to him. The thing that makes you feel defeated today is that you will never look back tomorrow.

I share something like a short story where I read it

"A man went to the super shop in the morning, parked his car and the moment he came back to shop, it was pouring rain, he didn't even have an umbrella. He was stuck for a few seconds. This time has come !!

The next day was a weekly holiday. Shortly after waking up, it started to rain. The same man was swinging on the verandah with a magazine and a cup of tea, thinking, "Ah, what a beautiful rain. Why is life so happy !!"

You will notice that the rain is the same in both cases. The rain, however, did not change. Only his own position has changed. Feelings have changed with that.

Good-evil, victory-defeat all depend on our position. We judge. For your position today it seems you are defeated, tomorrow the same thing will seem to you the absolute victory. This is real, and not acknowledging the real means you ... !!

Exclude the calculation of victory or defeat. Prioritize the experience. Observe the teaching. Know yourself, love yourself.

Let the light come, enlighten yourself.

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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