BCH Weekly News #71 (Mar. 14, 2022)

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  • SmartBCH DEX Mistswap has announced a new service called bch.domains and will airdrop 50,000 LNS tokens ($100,000) to xMIST holders on March 18. Users will be able to use their LNS tokens to buy .BCH domains similar to the Ethereum name Service (ENS).

  • Recent statistics on Cash2VN show that Bitcoin Cash has greater transfer volume and also greater average value sent per transaction than BTC.

  • Izzy Bee and her family run a Koala sanctuary in Australia which is also subject of a Netflix series aimed for kids. The sanctuary is not subsidized by the government and relies on donations for its operations helping koalas. The sanctuary now also gladly accepts Bitcoin Cash donations as well.

  • The Casual BCH Podcast, which is hosted by Sayoshi Nakamario and Vin, has released episode 5. The podcast goes over recent general BCH and smartBCH news punctuated by the amusing banter of the entertaining hosts.

  • On March 11th a mysterious website appeared called getverse.com. The only information posted were links to both Telegram and Discord.

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