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Mental state of Depression

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2 months ago

Depression - the mental state where we are not able to open up our problems to anybody, which remains deep in our heart and finally leads to breathlessness, anger, anxiety, frustration and lastly unwillingness to share and stay aloof from closed.

A face of depression can be identified even in a crowded place. Image from

This usually happens due to lot of stress or over thinking especially when nobody to support us when in need. This has become quite common in our society.

Peoples are now taking the help of Doctors for depression which will end up by taking regular dose of pills. This situation becomes permanent where you can never escape for years.

How do you take it? - There are people who are strong and for them any problem is "to hell with it". Such peoples keep moving forward by kicking the past away. In the case of people who are weak it is vice versa of the above. They never can withstand even a small issue that passes by them. Here they overthink resulting in aggressive character which obviously affects their health conditions. These are the one who fear the public as to "what will they think"

In order to avoid depression

  1. Never get involved in things which you have no or less knowledge about. It is like you are inviting problems for yourself and finally resulting in depression.

  2. Never let people take you for chances. You have the freedom of opinion and execution. When you feel you dont gain anything otherthan being depressed in their company, stay away from them.

  3. Never share your reason for depression with whom you are not sure of or where you don't get a solution. Because some might enjoy the situation you are facing and some might ignore.

  4. To over come depression listen to music, do an act that you like, be in the company of good friends, engage in hobbies of your choice, go for a short trip with your lovwd ones. etc.

Staying depressed is always not the end result or solution to any problems. If you have the will power to stand and fight, you will definitely overcome your Depression. Being in the company of good friends is definitely a positive vibe.

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Written by   34
2 months ago
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