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How important is the "Me" time

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3 days ago

A time just meant for you and you alone. Here, you are the boss and you are the critic. No questions, no commands, no orders, only doing what you need to!

The "Me " time is just yours and yours only. Have you ever considered your life and time as valuable as others. Most of us tend to ignore the fact that a little time for ourselves should be given prime importance. The so called "Me" time where one gets an opportunity to relax your mind and body to rethink and explore something new.

People with large family circle gets very little time for themselves. In some instance a person with less work, spent more time in a lethargic manner. On the other hand, a person with more work and less "Me" time uses his leisure hour productively. You gain a lot of patience once you give time and importance for yourself. One of the most important aspect in keeping yourself calm when calamities arise.

"Me" time is most useful for ladies who are held up only with household jobs. As everybody knows it is a 24 hour clock unpaid job. Here, no matter, how far you try to be perfect and fast in your work, you are answerable to all the questions irrespective of your dedication and sincerity. May be one single complaint is enough to ruin our whole day. So always ensure to keep a time for yourself, where you find happiness.

The value of "Me" time is meant to recognize yourself, to bring out your inert talents, to add more colours to your life, to turn your hobby into a joyous profession and most of all when start enjoyig a meagre income from a hobby that you loved the most. That's the essence of this great time.

Sometimes to do certain things we try to wait for the right time. The time never arrives until we take the initiative. In the same way, we prefer to complete all our regular work or the so called routine work, be it official or private, and then switch on to find the "Me" time in us. A time that can never be found or never arrives unless we take the initiative. Besides, for a healthy living style, enhance the "Me" time for a purpose meant to give you only happiness.

Mentally and physically one becomes more congenial when he/ she finds a person of his / her similar choice. Here "Me" time can create wonders for such persons where similar thoughts coincide giving fruitful results.

When you find a time for yourself, certainly you will find a time for everything that you are getting involved. And this time we try to execute it much more happily than expected. Imfact, your will power and determination increases. Besides, you get ample time once you get involved in something that interests you.

Benefits of Me time -

  • Essence of being alone and finding pleasure in doing things of your choice, for your own satisfaction

  • You decide with nobody to question or command you. Infact, you are your own crtic.

  • Sometimes a nap, a chat with a long time friend, making your favorite recipes, getting along with a small hobby can make it more productive.

So find a "Me" time in you, may be that can evade half your issues and bring out the best in you.

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Written by   1
3 days ago
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Indeed, Me time allows you to do things that you love without any command from others. It makes your body and mind relaxed as well. However as a mom like me with a toddler, I don't have any me time anymore. Anyway it's nice to meet you.

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2 days ago