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Go for things at your reach - your happiness lies there

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1 month ago

Most of the problems that pop up in each household are brought by themselves. Nobody to be blamed. The more you peep into your neighbors window, the more trouble you are inviting.

When you know certain things are out of your reach, you still try harder to get that. May be you were longing for it , for quite sometimes. But the outcome in most cases are they don't stay with us for a long time in our hand. It just slips away with a note "sorry, Iam not your cup of tea".

Just look around, you see and observe the most beautiful things near you, at your reach. But as they are at our reach, we ignore them. Expecting something more. Here our greed plays an important role. When he can achieve it, why not me?

After a long struggle one tries to achieve beyond his reach. In short, a matter of pride. Obviously for certain reason they don't stay in our hand, no matter how much care you take. It will definitely go away. If something has to come to you it will definitely reach your hands. There is a say that in every grain the name of a person is written for whom it has to reach. May be you will have to wait a little longer.

Go for things that are at your reach. It's human tendency to aim for more and more than expected. And once you attain it, you might lose your peace of mind for no reason which in turn, can go to the extent of ruining your career.

Mans greed has enhanced not only in material gains but in marital life also. Parents try to find the best life partner for their off springs. They blindly go in search of relations above their capability finally resulting in hatred, arguments and finally divorce.

For some it is prestige issue to highlight what is not with them. They keep praising themselves blindly and finally become prey for what they are not involved. Though they are aware of the fact that they don't deserve what they are expecting, they still move ahead as it's a matter of pride.

Two important things we learn by stepping into others shoe. Firstly, if the person concerned is a poor person where his livelihood depends on his daily earnings, then imagine how lucky you are ! because you get a decent package at the end or beginning of every month. Secondly, when you meet a person who enjoys worldly pleasures but not happy at all leading a discontented life.

People forget small happiness in life while going in search of big ones. And by the time they realise it might be too late. On the contrary, they must have lost - something dear to them or something carried close to their heart.

To have a contended life -

  • Aim but no aggressive desire. Learn to let it go.

  • Do not let others interfere in your private affairs.

  • Make yourself understand that it is not your cup of tea.

  • Envy but don't accept if you are not sure about it.

  • Do not ignore the small things, may be this is where your happiness lies.

Enjoy each moment of your life so that you don't regret later. Believe in yourself and your opinions, as they are more valuable like you.

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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