How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women?

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How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss is an alarming situation for both men and women. In general, humans shed about 50 to 100 strands every single day which is normal. Anything above that should be paid attention to. Women, especially, are conscious of thinning of their locks and baldness due to their looks.

We generally assume that loss of hair only happens with men. However, it is Hair that makes a perfect style statement for every woman as well as man. Each hair strand that is lost is a cause of emotional stress. In medical terms, the loss of hair is termed as 'Alopecia'

Hair loss may be mild or severe. In some mild cases, it needs a proper caring routine to curb hair fall. But in severe conditions, medicines and various precautions are undertaken to treat hair fall.

A strand is known to grow one inch every month. But when some issues like nutrition, stress, and illness interfere with their growth, thinning strands of the head is observed. There are many reasons for the thinning locks.

If any individual experiences an excessive strands loss, there are many possible remedies to take care of the situation. You can use coconut oil that is easily available at home. Just make it luck warm and apply it to your head and roots. Massage it gently with fingertips so that the oil is absorbed into the roots well.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

Before knowing the remedies let us enumerate the causes of hair loss.

1. Physical stress

The main reason for hair fall is physical stress and mental tension. When women are going through a phase of difficulty, some physical changes in the body trigger the hair fall symptoms. The situation may build stress and induce significant hair loss. The body takes care to overcome that mental trauma and neglects the health of the body parts. This results adversely on every body part, especially the hair.

2. Pregnancy in women

Pregnancy in women builds the estrogen level in the body. Post-pregnancy, there is a decline in this hormone level which affects hair growth severely. A sudden hair fall starts when the baby is 3-4 months old and this is a temporary phase after which the hair growth will recover. Since this is a temporary condition so it is advised not to worry too much during this phase. Once the body starts to get back to its normal routine and shape this problem should automatically be resolved. Still, if you observe no improvement, then consult your physician about the issue.

3. Heredity and genes

Female pattern hair loss and female pattern baldness are heredity problems. These are conditions that women are prone to if hair fall is a hereditary disease. In heredity problems, thinning of hair or gradual receding of the hairline never results in complete baldness. If you are observing a part of your head is losing strands more and the skin is becoming more visible, or if you are losing more than 125 strands every day (well, it is impossible to count the fallen strands, but a wild guess will work too!) then you have to take it seriously and consult your dermatologist immediately.

4. Poor diet

A good protein diet is very important to avoid stranding loss. Iron is also the main nutrient for healthy locks. When eating a diet, it should be balanced with protein and iron-rich food. So, the deficiency of nutrients in food cause hair fall, and this condition gets reversed when the food habits are improved.

5. Thyroid malfunction

Improper functioning of the thyroid is another cause of strands loss. The thyroid gland regulates the production of proteins. So, its malfunction affects the follicles. This is a condition related to anemia.

There are many symptoms of strands fall like appearing of bald patches and receding hairline. Getting more than 100 strands in a comb is also alarming.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Let's have a quick look at the ways to prevent it:

1. Avoid tight hairstyles

Grooming to go to a party and making a hairstyle that pulls on the hairline is a big no. Making loose hairstyles will prevent greater damage due to hair loss. Avoid hairstyles like hard braids and ponytails which harm the hairline. Use combing accessories that do not entangle in the strands and break them.

2. Hair curlers and straighteners

Heating elements are harsh on your locks. They suck the moisture out of your gentleman and make them brittle and lifeless. Excessive use of heating iron to style your strands plays havoc. Ditch the blow dryer and let the hair dry naturally keep it healthy.

3. Hair growth medicines

Application of growth creams like Minoxidil or Corticosteroid medicines is effective in regrowing your hair strands. This spray starts showing the result in 6 months. They are found to be useful in covering bald patches. However, it is advised to check for the side effects and use it only if recommended by your physician.

4. Improving your diet

Diet is the reflection of your health. Good food high in vitamins, minerals, and iron is necessary to revitalize strands' growth. Plenty of pretentious food like pulses, eggs, and fish induce strands of growth in humans.

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Iron improves blood circulation that in turn fosters the growth of your locks by supplying enough blood to the roots. You need to plan your diet with the help of a dietician and include ingredients that help foster the growth of your locks.

5. Oil massage

Oil massage therapy has been used for ages in ancient civilizations. This is a very old and trusted therapy for caring for the locks.

Your head, scalp needs regular nutrition in the form of oil. A hot oil massage should be incorporated into our daily regime to keep the nourishment intact. Dry strands break easily and weak the roots.

Scalp massage with gentle circular movements using your fingertips will stimulate hair growth and reduce the stress level also. Good blood circulation induced by the oil massage helps to regrow your locks. Will regrow hair. There are many herbal oils available for head massage.

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