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I can not think of anything. (Translated in English )

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1 year ago

So far I have not thought of writing a good topic or even a good one with top information to share with you readers.

I have recently been busy with many things, and one of the reasons I am busy is my child's module. I have a hard time keeping up with what I have to do. When I work at night shift, in the morning I teaching my child, When I am in the morning shift, in the afternoon I will teaching him. One thing I have a big problem with my son is his condition. he has a disease called dyslexia but I have not confirmed it yet, because we do not have enough money to consult a specialist. The disease I mentioned is a symptom that when a person has difficulty reading, has difficulty writing and has difficulty spelling. So I know this because I searched for an answer to my question on google. And those symptoms that I found to be compatible with what my child is experiencing now.

My son is ten years old but he is only in the third grade instead of he is in the fifth grade.

He has difficulty understanding, his head hurts when he forces himself to understand the thing he is studying.

When I tell him to write or copy a few words, for example:

become - instead of writing like this. no, decome what he wrote.

As for the taste, when I give him a taste of sour food, he will say salty.

When I asked him what the English of "Big" was. his answer was "small".

Those are just some of the examples my son is experiencing. I know that if I am struggling with his condition he is having more difficulty than I am.

This I just thought to write because it is a reason why I do not often be active today here.

Honestly sometimes I do not know what to do with my child but I can not give up. But I will extend my patience even more and understand his situation better.

The pain he is going through I still do not know where it gets and why this kind of pain develops.

Another reason why I also write this is that I would like to ask for advice or suggestions from all of you readers.

I hope you know something about this disease and how it can be solved.


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Written by   167
1 year ago
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