RIP to all those still waiting for another $17k

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Last 2 days was just a healthy correctionand bear trap.

Market is going up rather than going down. Some dude were saying that "its obvious that 20700 is the support if it goes 20500 then we are at 16k by now." But look at the situation now btc already crossed 23k woah. And finally btc liquidated all shortes right now. Lets see, we are still to see the FED rapport effect.

Are u guys not tired of this FED report excuses by now? Just accept the Market season that's all. I hope you will be but theese enconomic adjustments has alot to say.

The people who were saying two days ago that "it's bull trap not bear trap lol , will be a crash soon, just wait until tomorrow evening." now see the candles they are green and getting bigger and bigger, no matter the candle is of five minutes, 30 minutes or of one hour they have a clear message for rumors.

Five minutes candle

You may think that, Big candle on the 5 minute chart, Bullrun back on? You still mad bro. U dont like 5 min candle? How about 30 min?

BTC is heating their Engines!!

People were talking about wow wow will go to 10k now ! And people panicking again hahaha cya!! If you zoom we are having minimums highers every week 😎💪🏽🚀 getting ready for Bullrun.

Don't listen to people's opinion. Always do your own research because, I got stuck up in Bear Market. I listened to rumors in a Cryptocurency signal group on Facebook who told July 27th it's gonna be recession. So in Future trading I did Short in Etherium and now I am in loss.

Those saying it's gonna drop below 17500 are going to be sorry when they're buying at 30k. The ship is almost taking off. Did you sell at $19k and waiting for us to come back for you??? You fell for the manipulation. Don’t worry, your portfolio will recover its loss in time. For the time being tho, I would just stfu.

I can't hear you with all this loud pumping going on.

Its a healthy correction for 9 months straight 🤣🤣. corrections happen if you are afraid sell your crypto others including me will surely buy it! You do know the hikes get released today and then tomorrow gdp results. What a complete moron OP is.

Final thoughts

This bear trap is very dengerous so be care full this monthZero your mind from anything Bullrun this year or even next. BTC will not reach a new ATH this year or even next. Market will continue to consolidate and trade in ranges for a long period of time.

Expect a new ATH after the next BTC halving. If you are a long term investor, DCA would be the best strategy to flow with this kind of market volatility. Never try to go all in once or try to time the market because that is the easiest way to loose in cryptocurrency market. Always DYOR never get consumed by FUD and FOMO.

Bunch of newbies on here. Moonboys. Nobody even reads the goddamn news. The world is falling apart in every way imaginable. We are in for a lot of years of shit.. And if you don’t believe me, maybe you should do some of your own research! Between your scrolling through Instagram and TikTok posts. Keep throwing your money at it. I’ve got a fireplace if you want to do it quicker.

If you believe the politicians, or thing for a split second of this economy is going to correct and start getting better anytime soon, you are sadly mistaken. Go home and sleep for the next five years.

Blind leading the blind just ask Joe Blackburn.

Thanks for reading. ❤️ ❤️

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Before trusting, I checked several sources which are better than relying on just one source to be sure of a bad decision. I just hope that the world situation can be better.

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Real research is that you are already doing. Reading a single content to get desired information is not enough to make your belief firm on Cryptocurency technical analysis. Reading and listening more and more and then extracting the related information is a better way.

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