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What is Rizik

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2 months ago

What is Rizik?

Rizik's lowest level: money, money, money, wealth.

Highest level: physical and mental well-being.

The best level: a virtuous wife and a pure good child.

Perfect level: Satisfaction of Almighty Allah.

Rizik is a very deep subject if we understand.

It is written how much money I will earn in my whole life, who will be my life partner, when and where I will die.

Surprisingly, it is written how many grains of rice I will eat in the world and then die. Not less than one grain, not more than one.

Suppose it is written that I will earn 1 crore rupees for the rest of my life, this decision has been taken by Allah Ta'ala.

It is my decision whether I will earn in halal way or not.

If I have patience, I want Allah Ta'ala, then I will die by earning that 1 crore in a halal way, even if it is in a haram way, that 1 crore ... Nothing more, nothing less!

The fruit I am eating in Dhaka today may be imported from Italy or Thailand. It is only when the tree has buds that it is determined that it will reach me.

How many birds are sitting on that fruit, how many people have gone to pick this fruit, many people have left this fruit in the shop, did not like it, did not buy it. The reason for all this is the same, the result is written to my Riji. As long as I'm not going to buy it, it'll stay there.

In between I could have died, I could have gone somewhere else, but no. Since I wrote to Riji, I will not die without eating this fruit.

The Rizik thing is so powerful!

Or a relative or friend who comes to my house is not actually eating my food. It is his sustenance, only Allah Ta'ala is conveying it to him through me. Maybe there is good for us in this.

Alhamdulillah ...

No one is eating anyone, who is eating his share of Rizik.

It is up to us to decide whether to eat halal or haraam.

May Allah Ta'ala grant us the gift of eating halal food and the gift of avoiding the forbidden. Amen.

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Written by   9
2 months ago
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