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Bitcoin Cash lack of success is CIA's fault, says Roger Ver

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1 week ago

Bitcoin Cash has appreciated almost 20% in the last 7 days, counted from the writing of this article.

However, in terms of fundamentals, the cryptocurrency got complicated after its halving. An embarrassing freeze on the network occurred, while Bitcoin halving went smoothly.

Now, the biggest defender of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver, says it's all the CIA's fault.

CIA chases Bitcoin Cash

WhalePanda is a famous Twitter trader and investor.

He shared a post by Roger Ver on the Bitcoin Cash subreddit. According to the trader :

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"Now Roger Ver is claiming that Bitcoin Cash's lack of success is due to the involvement of the CIA, which wants to undermine the project."

Below, you can see the publication, made on July 25th, better:

CIA chases Bitcoin Cash, according to Roger Ver

Ver begins by stating in the publication that “it's time for conspiracy theory”. According to him, the CIA has realized that digital currencies are a threat to the government, and are acting to delay development and adoption.

He talks about Blockstream, a company focused on developing smart contracts in blockchain .

The company halted its developments and, according to Ver, Bitcoin Cash tried to keep the idea alive.

However, several forks are being made on the network, in an attempt to "achieve credibility for the project", says the proponent of Bitcoin Cash.

See then ask the subreddit readers:

"Do you really think the government would sit around, doing nothing, while facing the greatest existential threat they have ever seen?"

He concludes by stating that, "if it sounds crazy," just look for what the CIA has been doing.

Twitter opines

User AnonymousChimp defended Roger Ver, commenting on the WhalePanda post:

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"I don't understand why people laugh at Roger Ver, I think he deserves more respect, he really helped the ecosystem to grow and he knows a lot more about the hidden side of cryptocurrencies than most people."

However, BitcoinMaxi user replied:

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“No one is questioning the CIA's desire to hinder Bitcoin adoption . It is a very real threat to the monopoly. But to suggest that a shitcoin called Bitcoin Cash was even discussed by the CIA is just delusion, sorry. ”

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Written by   15
1 week ago
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