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Building Crypto Portfolio with no Capital - Part I

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2 months ago

When we think about building a diverse crypto portfolio spanning across multiple assets like crypto currencies, liquidity pools in DeFI projects, NFT collections, then we start imagining that it will need a huge amount of capital and is something only meant for the whales.

In this article I will be discussing how I built my crypto portfolio scratch with no starting capital at all.

My intention here is to motivate everyone to start on their crypto journey and not be discourage if they don’t have any spare capital to start investing. This is how the decentralised world of crypto was envisioned from the beginning. It was meant to be accessible to everyone in the world and not be controlled by a select few with means.

I would like to clarify that this is based on my personal experiences and there can be several other ways to start acquiring crypto assets and you can use it as a reference and see which options work better for you.

As this is such a vast topic I will split it into 3 parts and cover the blogging aspect in this post.

I. Blogging about Crypto projects

In my experience the best option to start in the crypto world is through blogging about the projects you find interesting. Hear me out before you say that it sounds absurd that how can someone start blogging when he or she is just getting started. Once you are obsessed with everything crypto you will start researching and reading more and more about blockchain based projects. If you start blogging in parallel it will help you structure your thoughts and also provide an avenue where you can share with others what your views are. The feedback you receive and the networks you develop will further strengthen your journey.

If you are not a natural writer then you might struggle initially but trust me that if you stick around and put in the efforts for a few months it will be a really rewarding experience.

I will mention some of the sites which I found useful to post my blogs and you might encounter more.

1. Publish0x (

This was the first site where I started blogging about the crypto related projects I was researching about and the reason I have stuck around since 2019 is my experience was amazing here. Currently they are paying out the rewards in Ampleforth and Statera and previously they used to give ETH as well which was discontinued due to the gas issues.

I really like the democratic structure they have as the earnings your post generates is driven by the tips that registered readers give to your blog.

So the more engaging your post was to the people the more earnings you can expect. They regularly hold writing contests which provide a further option to enhance the crypto you earn here.

If you plan to write regularly about crypto then this site is highly recommended by me. If you write consistently you can expect to earn $25-$30 a month here which can vary depending on the user base you develop and what visibility the topics you have selected get.

2. Medium (

This is another great platform to blog on and probably has a much bigger user base compared to any other blogging site. This will ensure you post gets viewed by users all over the world. The challenge however will be that it includes posts related to topics linked to all walks of life and as crypto is such niche you will have to struggle a bit initially to get visibility but if you write regularly you will soon be there.

I know people who make more than $500 a month on Medium but they write about topics like Personal Finance and Life Motivation which has a huge following which can’t be expected by a niche topic like blockchain but if you write constantly you can achieve a monthly earning of $15- $20.

You will need a validated Stripe account to receive the payments.

3. ReadCash (

This is another popular blogging platform which does not have a very high user base like Medium but you can expect to earn much more if you write consistently. 

This is a site that pays out in BCH and you can expect much higher earnings if you write posts focused around Bitcoin Cash as this portal is driven by BCH founders. The tips assigned to each post are governed by an automated bot which considers several factors to decide how good a post is. Additionally you can be tipped by other users as well and if you write something that catches the eyes of any of the BCH founders you might bag a $100 tip as well.

I personally don’t write specifically about BCH and stick to the projects I am currently researching about.

From my experience the payout generally is higher than Publish0x and Medium and you can expect to earn $50-$60 a month if you write regularly and even higher if you are interested to write about BCH.

There are several other blogging sites I experimented with but these 3 are the ones I have stuck to with in long term.

After reading this post you might wonder that why would you post on Medium and Publish0x if the payout is much higher on ReadCash. The reason is that you need to devise a short term and long term strategy. The short term is aimed at collecting as much crypto or $ through blogging so you have some working capital to invest in the projects you find interesting. The next step is to generate viewer base which will be crucial to grow in the industry.

Let me know in the comments if there are other blogging sites that you find rewarding.



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Written by   48
2 months ago
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Thanks for writing this article. I hope it inspires newcomers to crypto to get creative.

Do you know if Medium has an exclusivity clause in their terms? In other words, if you're a paid writer, on Medium can you post your articles on both Medium and other sites, such as Read and P0x in parallel? I'm talking about your own original content of course.

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2 months ago

Most platforms prefer having exclusive authors and posts but to the best of my knowledge Medium does not restrict you from posting your content on other sites. To avoid your account being flagged you should use the same username across platforms. You should definitely try out Medium. All the best!

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2 months ago

OK - sounds good, thanks for the feedback.

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2 months ago