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The hidden feature in iOS 14 is an important leap for iPhone security

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IOS 14 comes with a number of attractive and hidden features that can greatly increase the data security of iPhone users.

IOS 14 was recently officially released to the public. This version of iOS comes with attractive security features that can definitely be extremely important for iPhone users. But one of the most important features of iOS 14 is hidden in the iPhone, and this feature can be an important leap to maintain location data security.

The new iOS feature is in the form of a technology that gives you more control over how you provide accurate location data to apps and services. In other words, you can provide your approximate location to various services such as weather apps. In this case, your exact location remains unclear.

9to5mac news agency said about how this feature works that users can activate this feature by using a new option in apps.

More controls in iOS 14

Apple currently offers two options for controlling location data; Always or never. But this is the simplest way to access location data to apps and services. But thanks to the new feature in iOS 14, your exact location remains unclear, Location Services will only show the area you are in. Your location will be somewhere in a circular area, and this area will be updated every few hours.

This feature of iOS 14 gives you much more control so that you can maintain your data security. After the release of the final version of iOS 14 in the fall, there will be an option called Precise Location in the apps, and the developers themselves may even tell you if they need your exact location.

Security and performance in iOS 14

This is one of the most exciting features of iOS 14 and will definitely be used by users who are concerned about this. Of course, some apps need your exact location, but others do not, but now you have the control to provide your exact location data to the apps and services you want.

ESTE cybersecurity expert Jake Moore commented on the feature:

"Location tracking has always been a concern for me, especially since some apps don't really need my exact location to perform better."

"There are few apps that need your exact location, and it's best to give them access to location data based on the performance of each app," he said. Mr. Moore also says that you should always check the default settings of the apps.

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Written by   26
1 year ago
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