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Trust wallet Glitch | made fun with friends

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5 months ago

Trust wallet is a decentralized wallet that provides 12 seed phrases. So it can be called Trust wallet is one type of Privet wallet which is most secure wallet like, electron cash wallet. However, one thing is that the Trust wallet can easily import different types of tokens through contact addresses. Each token is on the Smart BNB chain. This means that even if all the tokens on Ethereum and other networks in Metamask Wallet are imported SmartBCH tokens, Trust Wallet does not support tokens located on all networks. However, different types of major cryptocurrencies can be easily deposited.

But now I'm not talking about Trust Wallet, but what happened with Trust Wallet yesterday. Take a closer look at the screenshot below before listening to the funny story.

My Trust Wallet

As you can see my Trust wallet, where I become a billionaire in one night, hehe. Where I had only 2 $PUSH tokens which on SmartBNB token worth only $8 but it turns to $188,750 k. At first, I thought it is real and I become super excited. I tried to find out the website where I can exchange my all $PUSH token to stable coin USDT. I searched on coingecko, Binance, Pancake, and some others. There wasn't any $PUSH token listed. To find out the way, I thought let's check out their official Twitter account, if I find something there. But the $PUSH official Twitter account didn't tweet anything about it. Then I thought "what about Trust Wallet's Twitter account" That is what I saw in Trust wallet's Twitter account.

Look at that, Actually, he is a multi-billionaire, haha and he wants to cash out from his wallet.

Some guys there making fun of it as well, haha.

The way I made fun of it with friends:

For fun, I first posted a screenshot of Trust Wallet on my Facebook profile "MY Day". Seeing that, my close friends started texting me. How I got so many dollars. I told them "I got the airdrop" and in that one airdrop I got all the money. Disappointed at first and asked us "why didn't I tell them about this airdrop" I told them "I didn't tell them the reason is that" I met all the requirements for the airdrop long ago so I didn't have a chance to tell you "

A friend of mine told me, "I have to buy a motorcycle as a treat and have a good meal at an expensive five-star restaurant." I told them, "It's too small for me now." Want to visit beautiful places, have fun all day and eat different foods "They are now planning to visit different places. On the other hand, I'm having a lot of fun watching them plan. Haha

Do you know a funny thing? Here are some unexpected things that happened! The only part I didn't enjoy was the weeding and cultivating. The friends who had never talked to me before were texting me today and asking me "how is that possible? Don't treat me? See you tomorrow, we'll both have a lot of fun! Bla Bla Bla "I had a lot of fun listening to them.

The joke was kind of going to another level, so I quickly deleted my "My Day" from Facebook. Because in this case, if someone takes my joke seriously and wants to harm me, then I will be in danger. In that case, my life could be in danger. Because some people have greed of money and they could do anything for getting it.

Conclusion Thoughts:

I think you understand it was just a glitch or bug in the wallet. I just have $20 worth of Push token and $1 worth of Digibyte token in my Trust Wallet. Which I got from Twitter. Trust Wallet, wallet, Electron Cash wallet, and Metamask is electronic online wallet. So It can be affected by bugs or glitches. It doesn't mean that the wallet was hacked or stolen from you. As long as you have your 12 seed phrase protected no one can hack or steal your money.

Hope you enjoy reading the article. Best regards :)

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Written by   75
5 months ago
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The news went like wildfire yesterday, I was surprised because I didn't check my wallet throughout the time it happened.

I hope you learned a lesson, some people would only want to be your friend when you are successful. They are fake people.

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5 months ago

Yeah, Money is everything brother😄

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5 months ago