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North and West

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2 months ago
Topics: Experience, Dream, Life
23 September, Friday, 2022

This content only for them who love fiction stories. Although this story is based on my dream I've watched last night.

I used to live in a position that had east in front and west in back. Those who lived in the east were very happy and peaceful because the land in the east was very fertile, green and the climate suitable for living. And the land to the west is covered with snow, a rocky place without trees, uninhabitable.

But even if there was habitable land in the east, people could never live in the east because the east was inhabited by witches with black magic and some strange creatures, which would kill people on sight. They have some magic with which they can control winter and summer. Those who lived there had powers that they could use to influence anyone.

When I was stationed between East and West region, I was not alone but with my boss. My boss is a half magician half human. More like half human and half vampire. Although he was on the side of people like me who suffered in the winter of the western region, he did not have the power to single-handedly exterminate the witches of the eastern region.

But we could sneak up and kill each witch alone if we wanted to. So my boss and I decided to fight against the witches that live in the east to give the people in the west who are living in the cold ice prepared for a habitable place. While my boss had amazing fighting skills, I was not as good at fighting, but I could create a variety of weapons out of ice in an instant. I used to do this by blowing cool air through my mouth.

We did not take any common people with us in our war, because they can never fight witches. When me and my boss went to kill the first witch we made a mistake in the beginning. When the witch was sleeping during the day to kill her, she woke up and started throwing various spells at us. While my boss was immune to those spells, I had no immunity that could have killed me at any moment. I could feel the power of every spell the witch cast. But the physically weak witch could not continue the battle for long. My boss got a single chance and separated the head from the witch's throat.

Thus we destroyed more than 100 witch families in three days. But later they realized that an attack had started on them. And they suspect the common people living in the West. From then on, their journey towards the west began. They come out to confess at night and they kill about two to three persons every night. The most common victims of dinies are children or those under the age of 20.

This is causing me and my boss a lot of trouble and we have decided to destroy all the witches in the next two to three days. But I had no idea of ​​the extent to which witches were present. Since witches sleep during the day, the next day I went hunting again during the day. But the next day I did not return to my boss's house because he himself became a victim of witches while hunting. As the witches were aware, he sneaked up to attack but was caught and various black magic cast upon him. He couldn't survive there for long or even fight against the effects of black magic for long. He died I luckily survived. Later, when I realized that there is no more protection for the common people in the west, it was decided to leave the western region and go somewhere else.

The dream could not be described exactly as I saw it. You may know that a novel written by a wife and a movie based on that novel are never the same. Same thing happened to me. I saw the dream with great excitement but the excitement was not working in me to describe it.

Anyway, thank you for wasting your time, I couldn't find any topic like today's post. So I thought I'd write a little documentary on last night's dream. The dream is much like The Witcher TV series.

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Written by   122
2 months ago
Topics: Experience, Dream, Life
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Interesting! I also have some friction stories, I will sit down to write in my free time.

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2 months ago

Sure, I'm eagerly waiting for it

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2 months ago