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Mystery of the Avatar

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1 month ago
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Look, there are, uh... there are two... two worlds, right? Two... no two cities! Two cities! In one, the people are like: "Wow! I like Avatar: The Legend of Aang the most! It's a really cool show! I think we should all act like Aang! Because he's cool and I like him a lot!" Everyone was like: "Yeah cool! I really like it! Our subjective opinions are the same! And we're following Aang, subjectively we like it. "And in the second city, everyone's like, "Whoa! We love Avatar Korra! Everyone really likes Korra here in this town, subjectively we like it a lot!" And they all subjectively, having appreciated the series, live by the laws of the series. And one city thrives. Everyone in it is a hero, a responsible man, he has seven children, a wife! His father is a hundred years old because he raised a son who can take care of him. Very cool! In the second one everyone is fucking.... stupid...idiots...fucking.They subjectively each believed in their subject. That said! Haha...but at the same time...haha haha objectively something different is going on with them! You know what I mean?

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