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The value of Self-reliance

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Human life is a source of potentially eternal energy. There is a life force hidden in every human being. In the light of this great life force, man can lead his own life to the desired goal. They can even play a great role in the welfare of the country and the nation. The realization of this great vitality serves as the key to its progress. Support is the attempt to build one's life with the help of one's intellect, labor, intellect, strength, etc. without being dependent on others. The mystery that can be found by looking around this world is therefore supportive.

Self-reliance as self-power:

Self-reliance plays a major role in self-power. He can stand tall in the society because of his strength. Everything in creation is moving at its own pace. Nothing is dependent on others. It is through action that a person can shape his life to his liking. For those who are strong in indomitable will, action is like a god of good fortune. They never rely on others.

The key to Self-reliance:

Self-reliance is one of the key to success in human life. It is impossible to improve life without it. All those who have achieved success in the world have done so out of self-reliance. Those who cannot have any self-confidence are unfortunate, it is very difficult to achieve success in their life. Those who are self-reliant in the world can reach the pinnacle of prosperity.

Characteristics and practice of Self-reliance:

Support or self-reliance is a great quality. To achieve this, one needs many qualities in one's life. As the saying goes, the fate of the one who lies down also lies down. There is no other way to be supportive without hard work. And at the same time there will be connection of initiative, enthusiasm, interest, devotion, discipline, perseverance, etiquette, honesty etc. And in order to be supportive, every human being has to practice these qualities. So remember- - God help those who help themselves.

Work is the maker of human happiness:

There is a spark of vitality in every human being. It is in the light of a suitable environment that these formidable vital forces manifest themselves. His inner world is revealed in the light of passion and self-power towards action. And then people find the meaning of life. Then he enters the world of success. Then he no longer depends on others. Illuminated in the light of awakened consciousness, it is accepted by all as a tangible symbol of formidable self-power. The fascination of idleness that is in him is gradually shattered. There is a proverb - ‘Hard work is the mother of good fortune.’ In the working world, people have to achieve success by working hard. And the man who is averse to work finds the address to live with life in the hands of fate. As a result, the black darkness of sorrow in his life began to widen.

Self-power in the development of humanity:

Self-power is the key to success in a person's life full of endless possibilities. From that day on he entered the new world. Inspired by the new consciousness, everything seemed like a dream to his eyes. He conquers everything in the world worn out, idle, lazy and stagnant in the light of self-power.

In the light of that formidable life force, all obstacles are considered trivial. The message of self-expression is observed around his life. Reaching the threshold of success through this self-confidence makes one develop one's life. In other words, people can be truly supportive only if they can apply their own tactics and talents.

Obstacles to Self-reliance:

The contribution of labor exists at every level of human civilization. Supportive power has a close relationship with this labor. Only in labor does the awakening of the mind and the soul become more awake. The development of self-reliance lies in the development of self-reliance. We should not despise any work. To deny labor means to deprive life of pure pleasure and to lead oneself into a dark world. Because, the success and survival of our life depends on this work. Lack of this self-power leads to the destruction of life. Therefore, it is better to do your own work. There is no place for disgrace or disgrace in doing this. Therefore, one has to move towards subsistence through labor. Because the development of civilization depends on labor. Lack of manpower is the main obstacle to support. Because the labor force decreases day by day due to unfamiliarity. As a result, they become dependent on others. And it obstructs the speed of support.

Self-reliance and memorable good people:

Hard work is the key to the life pursuit and success of world-renowned people and thinkers. As the power of support in their lives is like an infinite radiance, they are still remembered in the world and will remain forever. Napoleon, a man of great power, was an ordinary soldier in his early life. He became the ruler of France because of his hard work and dedication. The power of support is manifested in the lives of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Dante and others. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the founder of Islam, was a hard worker. The role of the self is undeniable in the lives of many other great beings besides the Buddha and Jesus Christ. In their working life, they have gained the seat of the god of life on earth. Their names will forever be written in gold letters in the history of the world.

Self-reliance in student life:

Student life is the right time to gain support power. Support is called the ladder of success in student life. Reading alone cannot develop a person's independent thinking power. Supportive energy develops the power of basic thinking on the subject being read. This quality can be achieved through extensive practice. Just as a child learns to walk on his own, learns the art of speaking, so a person needs to be awakened to the power of support in his student days. Because there is latent life force hidden in it. The only recourse is to awaken this latent energy. The more supportive the future life, the brighter it is.

Self-reliance in the wider field:

The role of support is immense not only in personal life, but also in social life, in the larger national life. The more supportive a nation is, the more developed it is. Countries like Japan, Britain, Germany, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Singapore etc. are so developed today because they are recognized in the world as self-reliant or supportive nations. Our social life has not become sustainable even today, when we look at our economic strength, we see a compassionate picture of it. Supportive forces have important contributions in personal life, society and national life. Through this man can shape his life as his own.

People can cross inaccessible mountain passes only through Self-reliance. Through the awakening of self-power man gains a great glory. Do not bow your head to any fear or cowardice. No obstacle can stop him like the ever-improving head. Self-reliance is the key to success and the key to success.

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Written by   315
1 year ago
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Very rightly said.... Self reliance is how we can overcome our insecurities and confusions...

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1 year ago