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Introduce Myself

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10 months ago

Hello, everyone. How are you all? I'm fine. Here, I introduce myself with you.

My name Piku Saha. You call me piku😊. I live in Bangladesh. I'm 21 years old. I live with my family members at Mymensingh district in Bangladesh. I have 2 brothers and no sisters. My father is a business-man. And my mother is a house-wife. They all love me so much because i am younger than my two brothers. My brothers also love me so much. I am the star in their eyes.

I read in honours 3rd year. My subject name is Child Development and Social Relationship. It is very good subject, i think so. I want to do something in life when I read about this subject.

My hobby is gardening. There are a small garden in my house. There are many kind of flowers in my garden. Rose is my favourite flower. In my garden, there are two kind of rose. White roseand pink rose.

I also love music. I play guitar in my leisure time. I love play guitar.

The condition of our country is very bad due to Corona epidemic. The situation is bad in all countries. So stay home and stay healthy.

Thank you all.😊

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Welcome Piku to Lucky you being the youngest and surrounded by so many who love you. I wish you a great time

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9 months ago

Thank yOu. I also wish here a great time on it such a brilliant site.

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9 months ago

Thank you. Let's all work fot it to give it a good name. It will benefits us too. Happy writing.

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9 months ago