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TYRANT STAR; Prologue & Excerpt

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7 months ago

Tyrant Star is my universe and one meant to keep the flame, the feel and the spirit of 'STAR WARS' alive while people like Kathleen Kennedy try to destroy it. Tyrant Star is also meant for Mature Adults, unlike STAR WARS it is not meant for kids, it's got some harder edges but it is still Space-Fantasy fun.
There are two versions on the shelves The first is the Censored version and the other is the Hardcore Explicit version so readers can choose what they want to suit their tastes. Links are at the bottom.
Now, on with the show....

Long ago…

…in the far and distant reaches across the universe

This is NOT the galaxy of; ‘A long time ago and far, far away’.
This is a galaxy of adventure, heroism, villainy, and eroticism.
It is a place where energy blades clash and eyeblink-fast energy bolts fill the air in the ongoing contest about and for passion, power and vengeance.
I welcome you in to this Realm.

It is here you will meet the intriguing Human-hybrid people known as K’Syth and enjoy a tour of their ancient, mysterious and powerful Imperium; Adherents to the Dark, and embracers of Passion.
For Passion is Life and peace is for the grave.

Encounter the Ji’D’Hai and the united interstellar Confederation they stand in defense of;
Those who stand as the galactic guardians of peace and order in opposition to all who would sow chaos, suffering and misery among the many peoples of The Confederation as well as the greater galaxy.

Sneak into the Grand Galactic Empire; A power-hungry, expansionistically-Imperial and utterly militaristic war machine ruled entirely and absolutely by a single, ancient being so twisted, so entirely evil, so self-corrupted that he is one who can no longer be called Human.

This is a galaxy where all the rules go out the airlock.

No punches pulled.

There is only one war. It is here and eternal.


A long time ago...

...far away across the universe.



Long ago, in the far and distant reaches across the universe, the K’Syth were the first to found an interstellar power that would encompass regions, territories, as well as thousands upon thousands of star systems within the Nox Vortexia galaxy. Those who would name themselves ‘K’Syth’ were born of Humans taken in raids as captives, the luckless Humans used as expendable slaves by the K'Syakithan whom had also interbred with them.

The K’Syth were a hybrid species and greater than the sum of their parts. They had risen up against the K'Syakithan at the earliest opportunity, and brought an absolute end to one of their parent species. With the extinction of the K'Syakithan the K’Syth had taken what they could make use of and left the world of their birth to find one to claim absolutely as their own.

The small fleet travelled for over a millennia, skirting around the edges of the galaxy, travelling carefully around it’s circumference to safely avoid trouble as much as was possible. When trouble did come, it was met with nothing less than ferocity and vengefulness that would become legendary in times to come.

At long last, the small fleet found their way to a star system unknown, uncharted and unspoiled by any others. It was here they found the shining jewel of a world they named; Z’Va’Hoolh. From the immediate outset, they treated their new homeworld with love and respectful care while they exploited it only when unavoidable, where in time even that became unnecessary as the industrious K’Syth explored their own as well as nearby star systems. In their expeditions finding wealth there of resources that meant their home would never again have to be harmed.

In the course of exploration, they found other worlds and some star systems with populations of sapients, most frequently Human, working hard to sustain meager and struggling civilizations as well as lost or forgotten colonies that had stalled in development for one reason or another. The K’Syth lended aid in overcoming the hurdles, and in time, such systems came to respect and defer to K’Syth leadership.

It was these times where the Imperium was born, through and with intelligence, caution and wisdom gleaned from the failures of other empires and civilizations they had encountered in their travels.

Steadily, inexorably, fate itself shaped and forged the Imperium it seemed.

Decades became centuries, centuries became millennia and the Imperium grew, slowly, strongly. It carefully cultivated itself from the hard and often fatal lessons learned from the failures of other civilizations.

Some smaller powers carved out their own small regions which paled to almost total insignificance next to the vastness of the Imperium, and while many enjoyed friendly and preferred relations with the Imperium there were other new, large and fast-growing powers who would be become eternal, implacable enemies.


Touching Tau and channelling through their connection to Wyhrd, both K’Syth leapt with inhuman power and speed across the distance to the nearest large group of Confederation soldiers, deflecting and reflecting blaster bolts fired at them as they both arced through the smoke-stained, ozone-smelling air of the hangar bay to land behind where the soldiers were standing, turning to engage them as they touched down. 
In forcing the Confederation soldiers to turn to face them, they gained a crucial moment of advantage over them which Lord and Lady seized without hesitation nor mercy.
Lord Vincainin’s style and technique was one of devastation of the enemy through directly-brutal yet expertly-controlled power and speed, where Lady Selikaehra’s was more complex, more controlled, even faster and made use of swiftly-direct and efficiently-precise instantly-fatal moves of her twin blades with not a single wasted movement as each motion flowed seamlessly into the next.
Lord Vincainin cut one trooper’s carbine in half, taking the man’s hand and half his forearm off in the process with an upward move that continued up then around to become a full swing that cut the trooper and the one next to him in half at the waist. A sensation like the hair on the ‘back of his mind’ rather than neck came and he ducked, moving aside at the same time, a blaster bolt searing the air above him and hitting a Confederation soldier he’d been about to engage squarely in the chest. Finishing the duck and move with a pivot he drove his blade through the chest of the trooper that had tried and failed to kill him.
Fire continued coming to them from other smaller groups of soldiers holding cover behind ruggedly-built supply and shipping containers, which forced Selikaehra and Vincainin to balance their actions between offense and the necessity of defensive actions vs. The lethal energy bolts continually fired at them. 
With a single deft move Lady Selikaehra swept a blade in a tightly-precise spiral-arc, deflecting three bolts into the ceiling, then sharply brought it down quicker than the blink of an eye, the tip of the narrow blade that was the color of a dying sun deflecting a bolt that would have otherwise struck her husband and master in the groin, armored codpiece notwithstanding.
“I assume you know I appreciate that.” He commented to her as she reached for Tau, gesturing with her outstretched main hand while using the Wyrhd to lift a soldier’s armored body in front of her as temporary cover. She replied while sweeping more bolts from the air with her off-hand blade that posed a danger to Lord Vincainin while he put a swift end to the remaining and troublesome immediately-close enemy soldiers.
“I merely presumed you’re not finished expanding our family with me yet, and allowing the potential ruination of such a treasure of nature as what you were gifted with would be a crime.” She said with a teasing-amused glance which met his eyes for an instant yet said everything needing said about the love and dedication between them.
The armored body of the dead Peaceforce trooper she employed as cover was smoking heavily from the combined effects of many blaster bolt impacts, Lady Selikaehra used the Wyhrd to cast it as a grisly missile at the nearest group of Peaceforce troops a dozen meters away, knocking three of them completely off their feet.


The 'Censored' and tamer version;


The Un-Censored, Hardcore version = Warning Sexually Explicit


Thank-You for reading!

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