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Flowers Photography (Plaza de Bansud)

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1 year ago

Hello Guys 👋😊 It's me again, just want to share my photographs again that I captured a little while ago, omoo I'm so excited 🤩 yayy.

I captured it in our very own, "Plaza de Bansud" I will feature this on my next next Article, please stay tuned guys 🤗🤗.

I go there with my mom because we need to do something important, and after we finish our business we go in there, off course to capture the beautifulness of our plaza and also to look for a new subject. Haha, tho it's not new because I think, someone already posted this flowers in readcash, I will share it still. 😁😁✌️🤗


Okay let's start now.....

This is it, this is a flower of a tree, it's tall like 5ft just like my height 😐🤭. I tried to search this in Google via image, but I can't find the name of it, it's just sad 'coz it's really pretty.

Anyone here who knows this, just comment the name and I will edit it. 🤗 I also enhance this flower to make it more colorful.

And this one, This is called "Bougainvillea" in Philippines, I can see it everywhere in "Plaza de Bansud" with different colors like Pink, Violet and Yellow.

As you can see it has a lot thorny vines, and a few leafs so few, all I can see is is vines.

I hope you like it guys, 🤭🤭 I will share more, with a different colors in my next next next Article, tha Yellow and Violet color, stay tuned guys 🤭🤗🤗😍

I don't know the name of this one too 😐😐. But it so pretty so I captured it too, It looks like a flower that is not fully bloomed yet. 🤔

I didn't use auto Enhancement on this one, because I love the natural color of this flower. I have more photos of flowers in my Gallery but I will save it for tomorrow, I hope you understand ✌️✌️🤭 and If anyone here knows this flower, just comment in the comment section, I will edit this and I will be very thankful to you 😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤗


AND THAT'S JUST IT GUYS, I HOPE YOU LIKE AND ENJOY IT, because I enjoy capturing this beautiful flowers 🤩🤗


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Written by   995
1 year ago
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