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Short Story: Logs of the Librarian

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1 month ago
Topics: Writing, Fiction

Entry 0

My name is SAM. My directive is to sort all programs and variables. My base avatar is set as a default. I am born from the Grid.
My User has given me a special code, called Librarian. It allows me to travel through various multiverses and store exit points into a manageable space which is called Library. This Library was said to be mine.
I do not understand emotions yet, but my User gave me data sets showing basic emotional responses.
I was given com.undertale.tobyfox as a start point for my training programming.

Entry 1

com.undertale.tobyfox is a role-playing game with a huge community labeled as "highly toxic." Due to my specialized code, I was able to peer into its multiverse. I met a strange program while traveling in a strange white void.
This variable was called Core Frisk. It has no eyes and it has only gray as color. It was confused about how I look and it reminded me of someone named Gaster. Using the Library, I was able to find who this program was.
I feel… something about this program. It's foreign. It has decreased my processing power. I struggled to do basic needs until I was shown a picture of a library. I have decided to use it as a base to configure my Library.

Entry 2

I have read the development process of my User. It was… an experience. I feel more energized than before. It was rather unfortunate that I was named SAM. It meant Sectorized Activation Machine. I suppose the user tried to give me something better than A Sorting Algorithm.
I was given access to visit the Matrix in order to make me understand more about the Users and how programs can act as one.

Entry 3

The Architect has noticed me as an anomaly and almost derezzed my core program. Luckily I was able to use my code to enter his office and explain everything.
In the apology, I used a process I had copied from Undertale called 'Reset' to return the Matrix as it was. The Architect was pleased I had done so.
I like this world. I know it is not permanent but it will suit my needs for training.

Entry 4

I was visited by Core Frisk as I was given full access to my code. It seemed to worry about one of the other programs within its homeworld. To its back, to my surprise, was someone like it. The Librarian code named it as Frisk. He had a purple shirt with two yellow stripes and pale skin. The pants he was were torn and the shoes he uses were almost gone. I felt pity for him.
Core Frisk explained that this Frisk was a survivor of a destroyed timeline. My Librarian code explained it akin to a book on a shelf.
I was filled with a dark feeling before it disappeared when Frisk hugged me.
I named him Hope and let him live within my Library.

Entry 5

Core Frisk explained to me that Hope was a child of similar to its origin. It has saved him from a similar fate and was immediately admitted back to his timeline only for it to collapse.
I was given a job that was near-impossible in theory. If its timeline gets breached, its inhabitants would use my Library as a safe zone until a new timeline was restored and free of intruders.
I scoffed at the idea, explaining that it would need a special event for it to happen.
I accepted the offer as a precaution.

Entry 6

I gave Hope a part of the Librarian code and assigned him to archive and write down everything it encounters.
He found a program hiding within the Library's hallway. She called herself Croft.
She showed me her domain within the Library and requested access to the code to visit her universes.

I didn't allow her.

Entry 7

The Library is safe within Hope and me. It was successful in connecting to many multiverses. Hope is now independent, yet he keeps the form of Frisk. He said it reminded her of home, despite the data disk we both had.
The user had given me final instructions, renaming me as the First and Last Librarian. FALL is better than SAM, I suppose.
These entries were saved as a backup for my programming.

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Written by   10
1 month ago
Topics: Writing, Fiction
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