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Going Past Investments

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1 year ago

February 24, 2021.

There's a thing with the current cryptocurrency market and that's the goal of cryptocurrency, despite the name, is it's an investment. A very lucrative investment used by the younger generation that's not unlike regular stock markets.

I used to think of that way until I have exceeded the amount of Philippine Pesos that I invested in and began reaping benefits. I remember how I have won and lost a lot, and I remember how the quality of articles and writing points decreased during 2020 with the distributed fund that had implemented.

Things have greatly changed since I rejoined the cryptocurrency community back in November 2019 when I bought Bitcoin Cash via and cashed my father's 0.1 BTC to my bank. It was such a simpler time, but I wasn't able to catch up with the brewing storm and joined in after May 2020 has come to pass.

The May 2020 Upgrade has also changed me, in a way. I have began reading up on some materials, asking around like an idiot on Reddit. But during the remaining years, I've seen myself change.

I was one of those if you can say, in the middle of the IFP debate. My argument is this:

The idea is good, but the implementation is bad. What happens to the BCH in the address? How is it divided?

I frequently argued with @Cain's opinions with my own, showing my slowly growing knowledge to the table, and getting the support of my own as others started to show their own comments about his pro-ABC desire. I may have glanced over u/Contrarian's stuff and decided to use that as arguments.

It was a tough time, but it was worth it when I found BCHN removing the reference client seat and have BCHA leave with roughly ~$20 due to Futures with the November 2020 upgrade.

I had also noticed that there was a sudden increase in BCH-based development like Amaury has actually been stalling development.

During those times of learning, I no longer treated Bitcoin Cash as something to invest in, unlike my father who led me to Bitcoin back in 2017. I was now merely waiting for the right set of merchants and a good way to replace what I had used.

Then... 2021 came to be with the advent of the most-awaited Halving Bull Run. and r/WallStreetBets went high with $GME stocks. Bitcoin went to +$50,000. Bitcoin Cash was going out of ~$200. At the same time, websites like have been released.

I tried it out when Bitcoin Cash received large dips and rises. I was able to get more on a well-timed Hedge and Long, but I lost satoshis. I wasn't thinking of USD now, just BCH.

It was weird, I have to admit. Bitcoin Cash is true to its name, it's Bitcoin but cash, and it shows with the growing amount of merchant and development in its blockchain on itself. And six full nodes run the network, something that once even confused some blockchain-using users and developers. The Bitcoin claims of it being a "scam" and "low fees because nobody uses it" are constantly being debunked day by day as we slowly rise, even if the market doesn't want to, making erratic decisions that can affect BCH larger than BTC.

And then there's the Tether thing, which caused this huge dive. It's a start of a new era.

Not much of a new era to us in the longer run, but with the daily transactions broadcasted becoming larger because of development, and having BCH blocks as large as 6MB, it's been showing a pretty picture. Just need to wipe the trash away, and ignore sites like Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Bitcoin Cash's goal is to become peer-to-peer electronic cash to the world, and people are calling it out as an outdated term. I don't think so, since most of them don't know the harsh life developing countries have. Bitcoin Cash is creating educational videos to show how to not get swayed to use Bitcoin because Bitcoin has dozens of videos pre-2017 that show Bitcoin as cash, which it isn't. Bitcoin Cash is developing tokens to grow its community. Bitcoin Cash can do smart contracts now.

Not enough, obviously. We're gonna have to go bigger than that.

Well... this is what I want to say for the moment.

This is Rowan, signing off.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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The bitcoin cash team will develop all programs to strengthen the existence of bitcoin cash. I believe it.

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1 year ago

Very informative article

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