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Sabai Ecoverse

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Sabai Ecoverse connects to real world

Have you ever wanted to know what sabai is how sabai connects to the real world,well

Sabai Ecoverse is simply explained in three words play learn and earn, is a multiplayer game in which players can build their

own resort in real time, organise it, welcome tourists, and perform random tasks for reward,so Sabai Ecoverse is a play to earn game, blockchain based,a play to earn game is a game whereby gamers or those that play game are rewarded in crytocurrency for playing a game. short abbreviation known as P2E.

We have many play to earn games that are the best Crypto NFT games,for example,Axie Infinity,Decentraland and Sandbox and Sabai Ecoverse is new to this count and many others

1. Axie Infinity

This is referred to as a trade and battle game,what players use is Axies -Ethereum -minted NFTs,so players battle with other online players and earn love portions that are sold later for Axies.


Decentraland is known as a virtual reality platform,where players can construct Thier own 3D world buying land and turning it to whatever they want in the platform,Decentraland uses Ethereum wallet if you want to play and earn some MANA.

The Sandbox

This blockchain- based game lets users build,craft and survive in its metaverse that's blocky,you buy land which is a NFT to build a castle or house and do many other quests to Eran SAND token,the more you participate in sand box ,the more level you acquire,so buying and selling of NFTs count alot.

Sabai Ecoverse

Sabai Ecoverse is a multiplayer game which is Ethereum based like most of the P2E games,in Sabai Ecoverse you can buy lands or hotels and attract tourists to your resorts, Sabai token is used,and also you get real currency in Sabai Ecoverse game unlike other games, Sabai Ecoverse consists of four different worlds which are online games , Metaverse ,resort property and blockchain.

With Sabai Ecoverse you will become inspired.Sabai Ecoverse will be available on IOS and Android,compared to other projects Sabaiecoverse out dos them cause they are going to be adding new features to the game as time goes on to improve its already best quality.ln sabai Ecoverse NFTs of other projects like materials, valuables or things can be integrated into the game unlike other P2E games.

They will be Rewards for special in-game events these may be travel and hotel stay


imagine if you heard joined or owned ,sandbox or Axie Infinity tokens about years back say about $1000,how rich you would be today,but here is another chance to change your world ,perform in airdrops in Sabai or invest in Sabai or you could play games when launched,but whatever you do don't miss this opportunity I won't miss it either to learn more about sabai Ecoverse follow the YouTube channel below to watch the video

Touch with reality

To connect the game to the real world Sabai includes not only Developers but also Sabai friends include resort and real estate,these experts have the ability to create custom mechanics to connect the game to the real world.

A group of companies with VillaCarte and Layan

Green Park, are connected with Sabai friends ,these are developing the real estate market in Thailand.

sabai Ecoverse include s many projects which they are already engaged in,they will eventually reveal these.

In Sabai Ecoverse marketplace there will be unique NFTs that connect to real estate,these NFTs that will be available in the game can be converted into real apartment s In Phuket.once you have a game token ,as a user you can make real investments payments,you can pay for services and you can get accommodation.

Once you have the Real NFT you will be able to receive income in tokens from operation of a property.

Sabai Ecoverse build the game somehow similar to the real one ,the one we are in,that makes it easy for them to make use of real companies in the game ,render their services and all advertise them.

Sabai Ecoverse plans on giving part of the funds earned by the company and / or players in the world to support the green fund through an embedded smart contract

Sabai will make use of tools for organising promotions and collect content from the community at large ,to I'mprove and further implement into ideas in the game and real world.

So this game action takes place in the tourist ecoverse,this gives us harmony and inspiration with nature and some considerable asset consumption.The universe which all the players built together is a resolution of the real world and is similar to it ,many and numerous in-game entities have their support in the real world and this gives players the privilege to receive real assets for the achievements from in game activities,this could include luxurious apartments in exotic places.

So players get these opportunities for having creative and economic self realization simply by interacting with the eco-universe as all elements inclined are reflected in the blockchain,like Lands, projects, buildings, employees and resources,not only does inspire you it also teaches us to take care of our environment,the game has no violence in it.

so Sabai Ecoverse is a multiplayer sim tycoon that builds on deep creative and social activities.The gameplay supports best solution from farm,strategic and puzzle mechanics, functions from

the blockchain world, in-game trading platform, decentralized controls

(DAO), NFT and DeFi.

The game is of the highest quality ,warm and casual style ,chosen to equip today's world of gamers and accommodate the largest audience ever.

So as a player in Sabai Ecoverse game you can have more than one part of the island,to build your own tourist attraction as a city,by doing so you can invite a real number of tourists worldwide.

You can invite ordinary people as tourist as people or respectable,unique character all around the world

Gameplay. Each player can quickly

Build entertainment venues, restaurants and shops, launch tourist centers ,this will attract tourists and more guest,use nature tactics or environmental management to your successful business

Sabai Ecoverse claims that

the entire Sabai universe is built from sabai mission and their exposure to

freedom and equality, humanistic principles, communication and

socialization based on the creation of a prosperous universe of goodness

and peace.

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Written by   31
1 month ago
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