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Infographics and memes I made

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2 months ago

Making these infographics have become much easy than before except that I'm not always into making them, sometimes I'm tired and I haven't learnt to put more details in my infographic to make it more fine as possible,but I'm enjoying it ,but still I am challenged by writing articles and making videos,but will get to that,so far as crypto pays.

Oort digital

I'm so much in love with this platform UnUniFi ,just like the way you do your work by logging in and doing daily tasks,this is easy other projects I do this way are shaargame and shatterpoint,there is also a new system on discord for creating threads to do your work,which make work easier,but if they were all systematic it would be tiring ,the variety of doing ambassador programs is the best.


This ambassador program shatterpoint is really very interesting,tasks are more simple to do,you hardly go through any trouble doing task on this project,just posting one post a day ,and than one infographics or meme or article or video on the weekends,I could handle up to 20 ambassador programs at a time I just need to set a calender because I wouldn't have the ability to do all in one day,but I would love to be that busy,yeah you get use to it at some point in time,I'm just feeling lively now ,but I maybe tired the next it's so not controllable.


Shaargame is another interesting platform with alot of creative ideas and history and descriptions of the nature of the game,though I'm not a person of beliefs,but it's interesting to read or find out about,so this is like really what I'm doing,at the moment I'm doing , project hive, fitevo,bluzelle,shaar, shatterpoint,Oort digital, UnUniFi that is 8 ambassador programs if I could rest and recollect a bit cause I've being stressed lately ,I will search for more that I can register for,I'll only have to set a calender to the ones I could do for the day.yeah so I will have more than enough,I'm going to keep busy ,there's nothing more nicer than keeping busy ,it could even pull you out of situations taking to much of your attention,you have something to do,so far as the pressure is not to harsh or disturbing it's healthy.i get motivated by writing I did not think of doing more ambassador programs but as I wrote now I realized it,I get motivated in more than one ways in writing.


A meme on canva is realer while on other apps you have cartoon memes or animation memes,if Im right in the describing it as animation.

Would you believe there is more to making a meme.

A meme I so easy to make.

Oort digital

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Written by   44
2 months ago
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