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How I finally made up my mind not to bleach my skin

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1 month ago

So I almost bought an injection to make myself fairer but I got scammed and I couldn't get my money back because the bank said 8 needed to give them the scammers account number and I didn't have it cause the person deleted the messages and I didn't save the account number.

So I always had a fancy for creams that made me fairer ,I later want to buy a organic cream I was told to use chocolate cream and not glow cream so because the chocolate cream was cheaper I bought it,but ive been like next time I'm buying the glow cream but I got over bleaching my skin.

So there was a black girl on my Instagram that had this dark tone ,that appeared lighter in sunlight and dark in a place with little or less light,and this is now of the reasons I wanted to bleach my skin,so because I appear brighter in a brightened place and dark in a shadowy or dim place,but when I saw this black girl ,she was so beautiful and I decided not immediately but after I realized I have toned skin and that is beautiful and I'm not bleaching anymore,this made me so happy,I don't think I'm going to be tempted any time to bleach my skin, because now I love it more than I ever did,so I've been seeing her pictures and I've been seeing her but did realize what I did until now,so I'm so proud of this tone and will never bleach ever,even if Im rich and temptation comes to do silly things,so I think what helped me settle in so well was because I bought these gloves for bathing and I haven't used them before,so I used them to bath with my Avila black soap and I was feeling so refreshed,so I think that brought in the right mood ,so I just moved along with the flow,so this is really crazy but if I was filling like dirt and I saw all those varying pictures I would still be stuck on bleaching my skin,cause all I'd feel is filth that moment anyway I never could tell,I'm just saying.

Accepting oneself the way one is gives more joy than changing oneself to be or have a body one prefers,but sometimes if you are overweight because you eat to much and caused your fatness ,I think maybe you are responsible but anything that is natural from birth should not be changed but if can accept having a bloated tummy or work hard for a flatter one it's not a crime,so I bought waist trainers which will soon arrive but once I wear my trainer or tummy wrap daily for 6 months or a year and it doesn't work I'm going to rest that case,I'm just tired of wanting to change this and that.

It's not healthy wanting too be this and that I even had to accept the way my legs look ,cause I have calves like a man,that's where all the I want to change started but I'm okay with them now ,I just wanna be free from wanting to change something about my body but I'll be free soon ,just my stomach,try fail or succeed to have a flatter stomach,I'd soon be done,I just thank God I don't care about having hips or larger boobs or many other things.

Changing the way you are and taking care of yourself are two completely different things,so I'm gonna seriously close the door to wanting to change something about myself.

Thanks for reading and remain blessed.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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