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Boring day ,what I did

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3 days ago

Unlike the day before that I felt weak and couldn't do my crypto work,today I woke up energised can't say why ,maybe the few lifts I did will dumbbells energised me the following morning or the orange I squeezed juice out of,which I've been told doesn't give strength but I doubt it.

So this strength didn't make a difference because I still couldn't do my work,it was until I took off the heavy burden of writtng articles for cryptocurrencies that I was able to do all my work as a social media promoter for about 7 ambassador programs,only two are listed at the time and the other 5 aren't,so it's like a heavy burden,I was only doing just about three before though.

So what actually made me stop the idea of wanting to write articles for about five ambassador program s,so the results of one of the ambassador programs came out and I wasn't even mentioned at all in content writing not even average,just excellent article writters where mentioned,then I realized I was wasting my time and I decided I wasn't going to write anymore articles unless it's compulsory,what also made me change my mind was that there was a ambassador program I only made original posts for and shillings and memes and sometimes infographics but I didn't write any articles but yet it was a success except that it was a group work someonelse was writting the articles,but it's still almost the same thing,but I'm thankful I eased my burden and didn't burden myself by trying to do to much.

So than just now I finished watching a scary movie,but not actually finished it because it's a season movie .i don't actually know the name but ,I don't think it's that scary or maybe it's waiting too spook me in my sleep or not.

I really want a movie that will terrify the hell out of me ,guess I'm disappointed or maybe I'm not easily frightened anymore or maybe because I'm not alone ,yeah I think it's that last one,but usually even when I'm not alone I get frightened by the mere watch of any scary movie.

I got one swollen eye this morning,just for scratching or itching my eye ,just a bit ,I don't think that was enough to get a swollen eye,but it will be gonna before tomorrow morning as usual or not.

Atleast I noticed that the sun kind of shined a bit today, because it's rainy season and the past two days have be no sun or maybe because I never went outside ,I was indoors,except it's a little dump and there was electricity like yesterday so it was easy to sleep,I take my bath every single morning now even though I'm not going anywhere,this has lasted for about a month,so like I bath towards sleep time or during the day ,so I fill refreshed before going to bed ,so I think I'm feeling it's a bit dump because I don't bath again until the next morning, actually why I won't bath late again Is because the last time I wanted too as usual ,I saw a python not a big one a small one and I decided than no more night baths,I didn't bath that day again.

So that's how morning bath started ,it feels good to have a good habit not everytime,you have learn bad habits and then cry when you want to unlearn them.

So this is just the shit story, anything just to add more free bitcoincash to my portfolio.

Thanks for reading

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Written by   30
3 days ago
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Social media promoter? wow! thats sound good.

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3 days ago