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A flatter stomach

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6 months ago
Girl with flat stomach

So my stomach is getting flatter ,but why it was flatter today Is because I didnt eat until 4.00 pm because I was busy and the weather was cold so I wasn't that hungry,these days I get a little time to enjoy myself because I do my work faster ,I don't know why I do it faster ,I guess it's because I start early in the morning.So eating less is a must if you want a flat stomach,all you have to do is eat more healthier so you don't lack anything,but your body might change in some ways,so when I started eating less I noticed my menstruation became lesser than before,it wasn't much anymore,I also drink water in small sips but I make sure I drink alot at the end of the day.

So I now threw my metal or is it copper beads away and I started using my bead waste beads so I think the beads are better than the copper beads ,but I preferred the metal or copper ones before because I thought they lasted longer,but since I started wearing my beads waist beads not even one has spoilt and scattered on the floor,I wear them above my belly button so I don't reach to it always.


So I still make orange juice but not so much as I used too,but I also made tomato smoothie but my blender spoilt this week and I need to buy another and be more careful,it was actually my fault ,it didn't even last long enough,I staffed it up in the smallest grinder without water and it sparked light,what's good about making tomato smoothies and orange juice is that they are cheap for a large amount and also using fruits this way motivates you to buy fruits more often.

So I said I've been doing squats but not daily,so the tenants in our house just left yesterday morning and the yard is so quiet,so one of my cousin's came by and I bought some underwear and bras that worth almost 20 dollars and I don't regret it at all , because Ived used my money by giving out ,so this is me spending on me and it makes me happy crazy right.

Shopping mall

I'd like to go to ShopRite to chill buy some ice cream chicken ,olive shampoo and conditioner and maybe check out the blenders there,I think they have them there,I don't have money but I could spend the little I have on anything that makes me happy but I also trying to save,my mum calls me wasteful because of it.

So just work according to what you want and you will definitely see the results at the end of the days ,I'm grateful for where I am today financially but I haven't yet reached a satisfactory level of how much financially stable I'd like to be but I'm working on it now and in two years time or three years time by God's grace I'll be satisfied somehow,I'll let you know how it went at the end,if maybe you can't have everything or anything you put your mind too you will achieve,I'm also going browse about how how to have more money not work that will give me money but jus roughly what you have to change to have money.

By the day my cousin is getting married on Saturday ,but she's in town now but we haven't gone to see her,damn,they are some things you have less control over like whether you marry or not or whether you will have money or not or whether you can have super long hair but I think if you put work into it God will see you through to a point of satisfaction don't forget to make it a habit to pray daily if you can't pray morning and night you can start with praying every night or every morning if you can't get used to saying words in prayer you could just pray our father every day than when your used to praying you can add a little more changes.


So you have to have a inner desire for the things of God all those external desires are just to loud,so with this yearning to want to pray daily ,want to praise God,want to live a good life shows that you seek the kingdom of God first right,so it's not all about worldly things even some are vital for our sustainability,with no money you can't survive,yeah so I didn't expect to write this much it's 2 am in the morning and I'm going back to sleep.

Thanks for reading remain blessed.

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Written by   44
6 months ago
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