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2 years ago

What do you do when you are thirsty for water?

I don't drink as much water as possible.

If you don't have one, don't ask.

I know you and Semi's job .. or wondering why you were thirsty? Whether I drink water or not, from whom I will ask or not .. No one will think again? Another question .. what do you do if you have a problem .. will you find a solution or why did you make such a mistake with me, why are you blaming yourself for all this?

Is the problem bigger than thirst? I don't think Atlist .. A person can live with problems year after year but death is inevitable without drinking water in 2 - 7 days .. We drink water when we are thirsty but if there is no problem then why? If you have a problem, think about what happens if you don't think "why is this, why is this with me".

Any problem: study, career, profit, relationship, try to solve this kind of problem without sitting down. You are slowly killing the ego inside you ..

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