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Political Preferences

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7 months ago

I don't understand people nowadays, they'll be asking your political preferences and if your political preferences is against them they'll hate you for that; can't they understand that you choose that politician because it's what you think that can change this country for the very first place?!!!

And especially they be telling us teens that we don't have any right to say our political opinion because we're not allowed to vote yet??? Would you like to repeat a current mistake once again right when you let the current president lead??? And also we, teens, have our right to have our political opinion because it's our country we'll grow up on, and for once, we want it to be better.

So stop the arguments, toxic behavior, towards to the person who's in the opposite side of yours

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Because some of them think that their lives are in the hands of authorities. They forget to stand on their own feet.

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7 months ago

common human behaviour- if one does not have the same opinion about something as ours then they start mistreating/hate us

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7 months ago