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Diary of a Blockchain Fan – November 27th 2021

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1 month ago

Everybody’s Gotta Have Some Fun

There is, sad to say, little for me to report on today because I’ve been busy doing other things. Every once in a while I get together with some old school friends of mine so we can nurture those relationships and catch up on what we’ve all been up to since we last met. Today has been one such day. In fact, we’re a bit rubbish at sorting out these get-togethers and today was the first one in a couple of years, though it is fair to say that Covid has played its part there. Anyway, all this meant I did other exciting things, like Segwaying for the first time, rather than surfing the web reading up on new projects and progress with ones I’m already invested in.

I did, however, quickly check the latest on the issues being experienced with claiming DSM coins as part of the Desmos airdrop and, unfortunately, the team’s latest attempt to get this working seems to have resulted in some further issues being experienced by those making claims. As I said in a previous post, this is very unfortunate for a team that has been working hard to take its project live and looking to share the joy with fellow blockchain fans. I suspect it will take some time for the reputational damage to be repaired.

Until tomorrow…

Renaissance Man

Why this Diary?

I thought it might be an interesting exercise, as much for myself as anyone else, to keep a diary of my interests and activities in the land of the blockchain and all things crypto, so I’m going to give it a go at writing a short diary entry each day for the current month, November 2021. It will give me something to look back on and assess and it might offer up some entertainment and topics of interest to anyone who happens to read it.

The Usual Disclaimer

Please don’t take any of the above as financial or investment advice. It is intended to be nothing other than a little entertainment and information sharing. Always, but always, do your own research before committing your money to anything.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
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